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Human Growth and Development:

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The mission of Douglas County School District is to provide an educational foundation that

allows each student to reach his or her individual potential. With this in mind, your child has

an opportunity to participate in a Human Growth and Development lesson.  As part of the health education program in Douglas County, your child will have an opportunity to learn how the human body changes as we grow older. In this unit children are encouraged to monitor their own growth and development as they discover ways to take more responsibility for their personal health and well-being.

The Douglas County School District is committed to providing planned, sequential, and

developmentally appropriate health education in our elementary schools that is based on

the Board of Education approved Health Education Standards. Therefore, it is our hope that

you will see the benefits of having your child participate in this learning opportunity and take

advantage of supporting them during this educational experience.

In order for children to understand and accept these natural changes, it is important for them to recognize and appreciate the diverse patterns of growth and development among individuals.

Everyone changes in different ways and at different times. Changes in girls usually begin when they are 8 to 13 years old. Changes in boys tend to start when they are 10 to 15 years old. Therefore, it is important to begin to address these issues in a developmentally appropriate manner throughout the elementary learning experience.

Please be assured that instruction during this lesson will cover the specific content for grade 5. If you have any additional questions regarding the grade-specific content in this unit, please contact us.

Michele Whittingham, PE Teacher 

Josh Miller, Principal

Puberty Education in Douglas County School District

Comprehensive Health and Physical Education State Standards were redeveloped in 2020. There are four basic standards. These standards are available on the Colorado Department of Education website:

The applicable standard to Growth and Development is “Standard 2: Physical and

Personal Wellness”. Prepared graduates apply the knowledge and skills necessary to make personal decisions that promote healthy relationships and sexual/reproductive health.

The 5th grade level expectations are as follows:

Explain the structure, function, and major parts of the human reproductive system.

  1.  Summarize the anatomy of the reproductive system, including functions of the male and female reproductive systems

  2. Describe the relationship of conception to the menstrual cycle (We do not detail how this occurs. That will be covered in 7th grade health)

*Due to the fact that this topic can be embarrassing for young adults all materials will be presented in a single gender setting.  

Email Michele Whittingham at [email protected] with any questions.
Please feel free to preview the videos that we will watch linked below:

Girls Puberty Video
Boys Puberty Video