Mrs. Whittingham

Run Club Starts Wednesday, Sept 6th!

Run club will meet on Monday and Wednesday mornings starting September 6 to September 21.  We will start promptly at 7:40.  When you arrive at school, you will see mentors standing by cones in the field.  You will meet by grade level.

1st and 2nd - in the grass just behind the kids center trailer
3rd and 4th - out by the recycle bins 
5th and 6th - by the north end of the field by the pine tree
Your child will need to sign in with the mentor. Mentors will lead the students in stretches then we will all run.  After a child has completed a lap, we will have parent volunteers and some mentors marking the kids arm with washable markers to track laps.  At the end of our time (We will run as many laps as we can until about 8:23) all students MUST check out with a mentor before they can leave for school. Mentors will mark the number of laps that they ran on the sheet. (1st grade will be walked to their school entry door by a mentor as a group)
This year, we are again going to give out ribbons.  As the kids collect laps I will total up the laps and when they reach a certain number. 20 laps = white, 40 laps = red and 60 laps = blue, 80 = Purple, 100 = Silver, and 120 laps = Gold. NEW this year is the Excellent Achievement ribbon which can be earned by anyone that is showing our school's EPIC'ER traits during run club. 
If a child earns a ribbon, it will be given out the next day of run club. I will not have time to hand them out during the school day.