Quick Guide to all things EPICER!

At Cherokee Trail, we focus on four traits; teaching and fostering them in our classrooms in order to create learners that are strong both academically and socially. They are:







Each character trait has indicators which help students understand what the trait may look like at school.


   * I show a positive attitude at all times

   * I am eager to learn

   * I show active engagement throughout my day


   * I use determination to try to finish a task

   * I have a growth mindset

   * I continue through tough times and problem solve


   * I am honest

   * I show empathy to those around me

   * I encourage and support others to do their best

   * I do what is right even when no one is watching and it is not the popular thing to do


   * I am willing to take risks in my learning

   * I stand up for what's right at all times

   * I have self confidence


   * I actively listen to others to understand their feelings and the situation

   * I  can put myself in someone else’s shoes 

   * I notice clues about how others are feeling: their words and body language

   * I celebrate how I am the same and how I am different from others

   * I consider other people's feelings/wants/needs when I act


   * I listen carefully to adults and students and do not interrupt

   * I show empathy when interacting with others

   * I accept feedback and respond in a positive way

   * I own my actions and make things right

   * I use manners

The CTE Promise:
At CTE, we promise to prepare our students to navigate and transfer their learning to solve real world problems.Through STEAM, we empower our students to understand themselves as learners, know their passions, and advocate within the global community.
We are passionate about making a positive impact. Show Enthusiasm!
We embrace change and don’t give up. Commit to Persevere!
We always show respect and do what’s right. Demonstrate Integrity!
We are risk takers and explorers. Be Courageous!
We consider others' feelings. Advocate Empathy!
We own our actions and use manners. Exemplify Respect!

Ways We Recognize EPIC Behavior at CTE:

Individual Recognition for being EPICER:

Students can receive an EPICER sticker from a staff member when they show any one or more of the traits. The student fills out a ticket with his/her name on it along with the reason why the sticker was earned. The student is then able to take it down to the office to put it in the ticket drum. One ticket from each grade level is drawn for the week and those students are recognized on announcements.

Students can also be nominated by a teacher to be an EPICER student for the quarter. These students consistently show the EPIC qualities on a day to day basis. These students are recognized at an all school assembly each quarter.

Class and School Recognition for EPICER:

Each time a student earns an EPICER sticker, he or she also receives a ping pong ball to drop into the school EPICER tubes. These are located near the front office. Once these tubes fill up, the whole school earns a reward.

Each class sets an EPICER sticker goal. Once the class reaches that goal, they can do a whole class reward.

Each classroom also has a horseshoe on which the class can earn STARS from other staff members for demonstrating EPICER behavior that goes above and beyond. If the class earns 7 stars by the end of the day on Thursday, the class is announced and receives a reward on Friday.

Student indicators:

Respect: Showing high value towards other students, teachers, and staff:

  • I listen carefully to adults and students and do not interrupt.

  • I show empathy when interacting with others.

  • I use manners.

    • I say please, thank you, you’re welcome, excuse me, may I

    • I hold the door for the person behind me.

    • I do not talk when someone else is talking.

  • I accept feedback and respond in a positive way.

  • I own my actions and make things right.

Staff indicators:

  • I am a professional.

    • I am on time and prepared

    • I listen carefully to others’ ideas

  • I am a productive group member

    • I am engaged and collaborative  

  • I respect student and teacher privacy

    • I assume positive intent when working with students, parents, and staff.

    • I use an appropriate tone of voice and pull students aside to talk to them.