Please see answers to common tech issues here. If you have any other questions, concerns, or suggestions for topics to be covered, please contact Anna Hylton or 303.387.8138.

If your child is using a school chromebook at home for the remote learning portion of their week, please see this tutorial for adding your home printer: link

Parents, please be aware that school devices being used at home will NOT have any web filters in place. Within the District we maintain extensive web-filtering, but only when devices are connected to the school wi-fi. That means that if your student is at home (on a school device or personal) then you must arrange for what ever web filtering and parental controls you see fit via your own Internet Service Provider.

We have had many questions about how students should be logging in. Please see some information below, and feel free to contact me with additional questions:

K-3: will use their Clever badge to log in (available from classroom teachers)
   - if you don't have a Clever badge, use the 4-6 method
4-6: will use choose Add Person
then click on Sign in with a different account
     and then enter their email address & password

Gmail/Google Classroom:
* if using Clever or a school device, the student will be automatically logged in to these accounts once in the Clever Dashboard or chromebook
* if using personal devices, use log-in using student's email address & password

This is a new tool for students in K-3 where they have a unique QR code or printed "badge" (available from classroom teachers) which is read by the device's camera and grants access - no typing of a username/password required. On devices without a camera, students will have to use their full email address & password (instructions).

* link to Google help pages for Classroom which has every topic you may want to know about!
* some highlights:
   - how to join the Classroom Meet
   - how to post to the Classroom Stream
   - how to use the Meet Chat feature
   - how to use Breakout Rooms