Literacy/Reading   - During Balanced Beginnings your child will be assessed and the classes will be made.  After students are assessed, they are put into leveled reading/writing groups.  CTE uses Benchmark as their literacy program.

Things you can work on at home while reading with your child throughout the year:
Talk about the setting and characters in a story. Is there a problem in the story?

Draw a picture of your favorite part.

Ask them how many words are in this sentence or how many letters are in this word?

Point to the period in this sentence?

Point to the first word/last word in this sentence?

Retell:  Tell me what happened at the Beg/Mid/End.

CTE uses Zaner -Bloser Handwriting and Benchmark for our writing programs. The students will start the year by working on writing their names with a capital at the beginning and the rest lowercase letters. We also start the year off by learning how to write a new letter a day.

Number Sense 1-5.  Writing and counting to 5.  Please have your child practice counting and writing to 5 at home.  If they are able to do that, work up to 10 then 20.


Social Studies-