The Stallion Scoop: 5Nov21

The Stallion Scoop: 5Nov21
Posted on 11/05/2021
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Thank you to everyone that came out to Trunk-or-Treat, it was so fun seeing so many students and their families! Special thank you to everyone that hosted a trunk! These events would not be possible without such amazing volunteers! 

November 9- Restaurant Night at Mici Handcrafted Italian

November 12- Donuts With Dudes! Dads, grandpas, uncles, or other dynamite adults are invited to spend the morning with their student! Donuts, juice, and coffee will be served in the gym starting at 7:30am, the book fair will also be open in the library, then you're invited to spend 8:30-9:00am in your child's classroom! You DONUT want to miss this!

November 16- PSP and SAC Meetings 5:30pm.


Each month we focus more closely on one trait - this month's EPICER trait is: ENTHUSIASM.

  * I show a positive attitude at all times

  * I am eager to learn

  * I show active engagement throughout my day


#OneBookDCSD November 8-12, 2021

DCSD is hosting its first ever ONE BOOK event as a CELEBRATION of LITERACY & COMMUNITY, encouraging everyone to read and be inspired by the beautiful picture book by LeUyen Pham, Outside, Inside. See the flyer for events happening throughout the week!

Elephants, Tigers and Books, Oh, My! 

Our Book Fair Jungle arrives November 12th - 19th!

We open with Donuts & Dads!  

The excitement begins during Donuts with Dad on Friday 11/12: shop early at the fair beginning at 7:30 am. Our Wild About Books Green Screen will be open for photos; $1 donation goes to the All For Books charity. We have all the books to make holiday wishes come true! 

We're open LATE until 8:30 pm on Tuesday, November 16th! Join us at 7pm for our Principals storytime. Don't be left out in the Wild - be sure to donate $1 for All For Books charity in order to put on your wildest jungle attire that day to school - bring along a wild animal stuffed friend if you'd like!

We will be holding a Coin Challenge for the All For Books charity the week before the Fair, 11/8-11/12. Each day we will award points to the grade level  that collects the highest total for that day. The grade level that collects the highest overall total will receive a movie party. The class to beat from last year is 4th grade!
CTE Spirit Monday: Bring your PENNIES and wear your favorite CTE spirit wear or school colors!

Inside Out Tuesday: Bring your NICKELS and wear your clothes inside out or backwards!

Mindfulness Wednesday: Bring your DIMES & wear your comfiest clothes or pjs!

Gratitude Thursday: Bring your QUARTERS and wear your Red, White & Blue to celebrate our Veterans!

Kindness Friday: Bring ANY COIN OR BILL and wear your Wildest socks to make someone smile!
With all the Wildness going on, we need you!  Be sure to let Mrs. Nottingham know at [email protected], at 303.387.8136 (library)  OR sign up online at our Wild About Books Book Fair SignUp:

Check out our Book Fair Home Page for all our event details:

So grab your gear, and don't miss out on this WILD ABOUT BOOKS Event. Thanks for helping our students know that we're Wild About Books at the library!


What’s Happening in Social Emotional Wellness?
This week in Social Emotional Wellness, we will be creating a better understanding of compassion and self-compassion.  Students will play a game as a way to converse about self-compassion.  Compassion is a tool that supports self-management and relationship skills.



The Principal Chronicles continues....(Fall Break Edition - Part 2)

You would think that after the last edition, there wouldn't have been any more stories leftover from that trip. Actually, if the rest of the trip would have been boring, I would have been perfectly happy with that. Unfortunately, a mere two days later we would yet again embark on a journey that would be a part of our memories for the rest of our lives. 

Wednesday of fall break started like any other with the exception that we were in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. In the morning, my daughter and I were on our way to breakfast. We were chatting like normal and were waiting in line to get into breakfast when my daughter stepped on my foot. It was a little strange since we were just standing there, so I turned to her and said "hey, that hurt". As those words came out of my mouth, my daughter again stepped on my foot, took two more steps forward, and then fainted and fell against a trash can. Luckily, she didn't faceplant but caught herself on her hands and knees. Obviously I freaked out as my daughter has never fainted before. I rushed to her and she was down on her hands and her knees with her hair and sunglasses over her eyes. I kept asking if she was all right and what happened and she kept saying she was fine but was clearly out of it. 

From there, the hotel medical staff showed up and took her down to their "hospital". The doctor (who didn't speak English) told us (sort of) that my daughter had extremely low blood pressure and needed to go to the hospital by ambulance. Of course, this was equally scary as well as super expensive, not to mention going to a hospital in a foreign country where you don't speak the language. 

So off we went, lights and sirens blazing. In case you were wondering, in the Dominican Republic when an ambulance comes up behind you at a high rate of speed with its lights and sirens flashing you not only don't have to pull over, you can, in fact, slow down and stay in the lane directly in front of the ambulance. Meanwhile I was in the back of the ambulance memorizing all of the roads and landmarks we were passing so I could find my way back after this whole thing was over. 

On arrival at the hospital, I first noticed it was a lot cleaner than I expected. Again, no one spoke English but hand signals ended up being pretty effective. My daughter needed her blood drawn and an IV and for the first time in my life I was expected to assist the nurse with both. My job was to label the vials where the blood was going to go as well as secure the tape that held the IV in place. Apparently I passed the test since I wasn't fired on the spot. After waiting roughly 8 hours at the hospital, it was determined that my daughter had a urinary tract infection which caused all of the issues. We got some antibiotics and were sent on our way. As we walked out, the total cost of everything that day? Zero dollars. Unbelievable. So in the end, besides the scariest possible scenario imaginable things turned out all right in the end and, in fact, the rest of our vacation was fairly uneventful which is exactly what we needed. 

That is it for this week, stay tuned for next week. Stay tuned next time when the Principal Chronicles continues.  



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