Third Grade

Third grade is a big year in elementary music.  This is the year that we develop a full pentatonic scale and practice our improvisation skills and of course we play recorders in the spring!  Students can expect more challenging barred instrument pieces and more creative license with our music.

Unit 1- Welcome to Music!-
The first week of music, we will have an understanding of the classroom expectations while exploring the space of the music room.  We will be playing simple keep the beat games while exploring music that changes the beat from duple to triple.

Unit 2- Beat, Rhythm
This unit is focused on reviewing 2nd grade music while adding to our knowledge of rhythms.  We will be learning about 16th notes and the 6/8 time signature.

Unit 3- Pentatonic
Students will develop an understanding what makes music sound the way it does through singing first then playing on the barred instruments.  

Unit 4- Expanded Pentatonic
This unit will be focused on expanding our pentatonic scale by adding low La and low So.  

Unit 5- Music Expression
This unit is designed to allow students to not just "sing/play the right notes" but feel the music that is being performed. There will be expressive movement, games, playing and listening to music.

Unit 6- Recorders!
In the spring, we will be playing recorders!  I will communicate how to order these recorders at the beginning of the spring semester. 

Unit 7- Reflection and Games
We will reflect on the year and review the fun music that we played.