Battle of the Books Team goes to Championship

Battle of the Books Team goes to Championship
Posted on 03/08/2024
CTE had two Battle of the Books teams this year: a 3/4the grade team and a 5/6th grade team. Here is a recap of their season!

Back in October six fourth graders signed up for Battle of the Books having no idea what to expect. We jumped right in, practicing the titles and authors of all 10 of the books while they also started reading, finding and remembering very specific details within each text. We practiced weekly until January when the battles began and went 3-1 in the qualifying rounds. We then went on to win two more matches before making it to the finals for the first time in CTE history! This team showed an incredible level of teamwork, perseverance, self motivation, and enthusiasm. Even though we fell short in the championship, we are so proud of how they represented our school! 

Dhruv M (4), Liam P (4), Amyra C (4),
Piper B (4), Keefer C (4), Mayley T (4)

Lindsay Tyler & Jessica Ranieri

Congratulations to our amazing, energetic and super enthusiastic 5th/6th grade Battle of the Books team! They were so excited to start reading all ten books and learn correct pronunciations of author and title names and memorize every little detail of each and every book! They did so well that they went 4-0 in the regular battles that were held at the Parker library and made it to the quarter finals! Sadly, they were outdone by another team, but we are so very proud of them! They worked so hard and had such enthusiasm for reading! We're already looking forward to next year's Battle of the Books competition!


Laila A (5), Avery T (5), Josie T (5)

Brynn T (6), Parker M (6), Claire L (6)
Michelle Brezina, Sarah Neguse, and Kim Thompson