Stallion Spotlight - EPICER Social Stories

Stallion Spotlight - EPICER Social Stories
Posted on 05/17/2024
epicer social story assembly

A group of CTE students authored and illustrated six EPICER social stories which they shared excerpts of at an assembly to kick off our 2nd annual Service Day. Each story teaches one EPICER character trait and features its trait mascot!

ENTHUSIASM - Ezumi the Elephant

PERSEVERANCE - Penelope the Panda

INTEGRITY - Ishani the Impala

COURAGE - Carlos the Crocodile

EMPATHY - Elise the Emperor Penguin

RESPECT - Russel the Rhino

This group worked hard all semester ideating, writing, drawing, and providing feedback to each other while creating stories. They will have an opportunity to visit classrooms to read their stories in their entirety as well.

Thanks to our social story authors/illustrators:




3 cadence w

3 grayson b

5 kevine o

5 charlotte l

5 nadine b

6 peyton m

6 chloe t

6 claire l




3 isaiah s

4 brooklyn k

3 jenna f

5 hunter a

5 riley h

5 asher b

6 genevieve k

6 brynn t

6 nova w