Sixth Grade

Sixth grade is the cumulative year of general music.  We use all of our past years of learning together to make music together.  We sing, dance, play and create the most complex pieces of music and smile while doing so! This is also the performance year for students.  In the spring there will be a 6th grade performance (date TBA).

Unit 1- Welcome to Music! This unit is all about reviewing expectations in the music room, learning how to travel safely by ourselves, in small groups and as a whole class.  We will play some fun games, sing songs, and begin to explore the many instruments.

Unit 2- Solfeggio 
This week will be focused on reviewing (or learning if new) what makes music sound good and why.  We will be focusing on a pentatonic scale first with some expressive movement and folk dancing thrown in!

Unit 3- Expanding Our Music Scale
Building from last weeks pentatonic learning, we will move to diatonic music.  This means we will be adding Fa and Ti still adding in the expressive movement and folk dancing.

Unit 4- A Song From the Past
This week, we will be reviewing a song from our 5th grade year but with a better understanding how it works and a better understanding of the building blocks for the way it sounds.

Unit 5- Modes
This week, we will be expanding our diatonic music knowledge and begin to move to modes.  These scales are typically more popular in folk, jazz and middle eastern music.

Unit 6- Performance
This unit is all about our performance.

Unit 7- Reflection and Fun
This unit will take us to the end of the school year reflecting on our performance and school year as a whole.