Second Grade

Second grade music continues the foundations learned in 1st grade with basic rhythms, form and expression.  In second grade, we will explore more complex rhythms and forms while continuing to explore the space and different meters for the beat. 

Unit 1- Welcome to Music!
We will understand the expectations in the music room while remembering how to travel safely in our own space.  We will also review 1st grade material such as simple beat, rhythms and form through songs and games.

Unit 2-Movement identification 
We will explore music through different forms of expression.  We will have different songs to sing, play and listen to that evoke different moods.  We will also respond to the moods through movement, singing, saying and playing.  

Unit 3- New rhythms
This unit is all about reviewing 1st grade rhythm and then add triplets, whole notes, half notes and their rest counterparts.   

Unit 4- Solfeggio Singing
This unit is the beginning of a very important music concept.  We will be focusing on Sol/Mi/La based songs

Unit 5- Adding Re and Do
This unit builds off of the previous unit adding two more notes for a full pentatonic scale.

Unit 6- Full Pentatonic
Now that we have our full pentatonic scale, we will be singing and playing songs that use the entire scale.

Unit 7- Reflection and Games
This unit gives us an opportunity to reflect on the year and revisit all of our fun games and songs from the school year.