Fourth Grade

Fourth grade music is active and full of expanding our music knowledge from third grade.  We will take our pentatonic scale and make it diatonic (where most pop music comes from) and we explore folk dances from around the world.  We will also be expanding our recorder playing technique.

Unit 1- Welcome to Music!
This unit is all about reviewing expectations in the music room, learning how to travel safely by ourselves, in small groups and as a whole class.  We will play some fun games, sing songs, and begin to explore the many instruments.

Unit 2-Pentatonic Review
This unit is a review of our 3rd grade year.  We are going to review pentatonic music while adding a few new notes lower than Do.  

Unit 3- Hexatonic
We will be building off of our solid foundation of pentatonic music and adding the 4th scale degree (Fa) making our music hexatonic.  

Unit 4- Diatonic
We will be building off of our solid foundation of hexatonic music and turn it to diatonic by adding Ti.  

Unit 5- Recorder 
This unit is a moveable unit.  It may happen in the fall or the spring, depends on when the Colorado History Music performance is.  The focus of this unit is to review 3rd grade recorder and build on those skills to learn new notes, and songs.  

 Unit 6- Colorado History Musical
This unit is a moveable unit depending on when the homeroom teachers are wanting to do the performance.