First Grade

First grade is a continuation of music skills first developed in kinder.  We continue the sense of exploration and adventure through stories and taking our first steps with the barred instruments and reading music.

Unit 1- Welcome to Music!
We will learn the expectations in music while learning how to safely use the space in the music room.  We will play fun games and develop a strong sense of beat and rhythm.

Unit 2-Rhythm and steady beat
This unit will give us a sturdy foundation in feeling the beat and distinguish the difference between beat and rhythm.  

Unit 3- Identify Rhythms 
We will begin a multi year journey in learning to read music this week.  We will begin with basic Ta Ta-Tay and Rest.

Unit 4-Barred Instrument Introduction
The time has come for us to get to play the barred instruments!  This will be accompanied with plenty of singing, movement, games and of course playing instruments.  

Unit 5 Expression
We will be focusing on music expression while singing, playing and moving to some familiar and some new songs.  

Unit 6- Reflection and Games
This unit is so we have time to reflect on the year and revisit some of our favorite games and songs.