Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is where music gets familiar in our pop music world.  With a solid foundation, we begin work on simple chord progressions I IV V.  We also learn about mixed meter songs and more complex music from other cultures like Africa, Israel and many more. 

Unit 1- Welcome to Music!
This unit is all about reviewing expectations in the music room, learning how to travel safely by ourselves, in small groups and as a whole class.  We will play some fun games, sing songs, and begin to explore the many instruments.

Unit 2- Mixed Meter Fun
As a whole class, we will explore different ways to play Un-tuned percussion instruments and learning about mixed meter music. This will lead to small group in class performances using a variety of instruments. 

Unit 3- Mixed Meter Estatic Dance
This unit, we will be building off of our previous unit of learning of mixed meter and playing a more formal piece of music in the time signature of 5/4.  

Unit 4- Pentatonic and Diatonic Review
This week we are going to be reviewing our pentatonic scale from last year.   This will include a few new notes (lower than Do).  We will also be doing expressive movement and folk dancing.

Unit 5- Chords
This unit is all about chord changes. After the previous unit, we have a solid understanding of diatonic music and it is time to learn about I IV V chord changes.  This unit ends with a wonderful piece of music using the barred instruments.

Unit 6- Reflection and Music Fun
This unit will take us to the end of the year as we reflect on our progress and music that was made.