Counseling Program Mission & Vision

DCSD Mission

The mission of the Douglas County School District is to provide an educational foundation that allows each student to reach his or her individual potential.

Cherokee Trail Elementary School Mission

Every Student, Every Day, Whatever It Takes

Cherokee Trail Elementary School Counseling Mission

The school counseling program at Cherokee Trail Elementary School delivers a comprehensive program that uses sustained data informed practice to ensure equity, access and success for every student.  Diverse student needs are met through classroom lessons, targeted small groups, and individual consultation to enhance each student’s academic, career, and social-emotional development.  Using evidence-based supports and intentional tiered programming, counselors collaborate with stakeholders to advocate for change and remove barriers thus allowing every student access to reach their individual potential.    

DCSD Vision

The Douglas County School District strives to maximize the potential of every student to pursue his or her chosen endeavor in society, including but not limited to postsecondary education, career, or military service.

Cherokee Trail Elementary School Counseling Vision

Every Cherokee Trail Stallion is equipped with the courage and leadership to pursue opportunities and post-secondary endeavors in society that continually precipitate endless growth and maximize potential as lifelong learners.  Their resilience embodies the spirit of accepting challenges and grappling through hardships while remaining inspired to advocate and contribute to the betterment of our world.  Stallions are primed to achieve success and joy within their careers, relationships, and community.