Stallion Battalion

Who we are?

We are dads, step-dads, uncles, grandfathers, and father figures, working as a singular unit, volunteering their time and expertise.

How does it work?

All members of the group are referred to as Dads. Dads will volunteer their time, no matter how little, during school days. Dads will check in at the office, then refer to the Task List for an assignment within or around the school. Assignments are chosen by the Dad, and may be general or specific. When the school day ends, or the Dad has no more time to give, the days is over. All Dads will wear the Stallion Battalion T-Shirt and name tag during their time at school.

How do I join?
Email Derek Spohn with your name and phone number. That's it!


Stallion Battalion Mission Statement:
Working as an extension of Cherokee Trail Elementary, within the rules and regulations by which it is governed, The Stallion Battalion’s role is to support the staff and provide positive male role models. The role model demonstrates by their presence that education is important and valuable. Their presence may also help with security and reduce bullying.