CTE - Raptor Visitor Management System

CTE - Raptor Visitor Management System
Posted on 12/06/2018
protected by raptorDear CTE Community
Starting in January, Cherokee Trail will change the way visitors and volunteers sign into our building. As you know, student safety is our number one priority and to that end, our school will be implementing a new check-in system called Raptor.
When you arrive at school to volunteer or visit, we will ask you to swipe your driver's license at our main office (this will only need to be done once). After swiping, licenses will be verified against the national sex offender database of all 50 states, and any custodial checks. Once cleared you will receive a sticker badge to wear during your time at school. Once your license has been swiped into our system, you will only need to sign into the kiosk in order receive a badge at future visits.
We know this will be a change, but we are excited to join all of the other DCSD schools in getting this system implemented, and continuing to keep our students safe. We will send out more communication as December comes to a close. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at [email protected]. Thank you for your patience as we navigate this change. 

Josh Miller - Principal