CTE - Fun Run Prize Day

CTE - Fun Run Prize Day
Posted on 10/18/2018
prize day

Wednesday was Prize Day for the Fun Run! Thank you, CTE families, for raising $20,985.90! These funds will help bring new technology to our school, provide field trip scholarships, purchase much needed supplies for our school, and more!

ALL CTE students were able to jump on the inflatables! In addition students who earned individual prizes received those in the classroom or as an experience out on the CTE field (hamster ball, plinko for prizes, money machine). The BIG prize was at the end of the day when students who raised $75 or more had a chance to douse Mr. Miller with a cold bucket of water!

Here is a list of our big prize winners:

Top 2 Students:

Principal for a Day = Ethan K.

Asst. Principal for a Day = Gage M.

Most Participation & Top Dollar = Mrs. Ward's class

Prize = Night In at CTE & Sticky Dodgeball Party on Prize Day

Best Spirit = Mrs. Briese's class - Amazing mustaches!

Prize = Sticky Dodgeball Party on Prize Day

Most Laps Primary = Mrs. Briese's class

Most Laps Intermediate = Mrs. Tyler's class

Prize = Extra Recess

$45 Average per student = Zavadil, Hegre, Holmes, Ward, Dreith, Crawford, Reynolds, Dunker, Major, Putman, Ranieri, Tyler

Prize = Berry Blendz for the entire class on Prize Day

$55 Average per student = Hegre, Holmes, Ward, Crawford, Dunker, Putman

Prize = Class Foam Party on Prize Day