22-23 CTE Teams

22-23 CTE Teams
Posted on 09/09/2022
cte teams

By now many of you have had your children coming home and telling you about the CTE teams. If not, here is the BIG DEAL that is going on. In mid August, our school had an assembly where the students found out which of our 3 teams their class belongs to. Since then, the contest has been on!  Each team represents a different artist (each year we pick one of the STEAM elements and we are currently on Art).


Team Helen Frankenfaller is Specials group #1. Frankenfaller is an American abstract artist.
Team Hayao Miyazaki is Specials group #2. Miyazaki is a Japanese Animation creator.
Team El Anatsui is Specials group 3 and he is an African artist that uses repurposed and recycled items in his art.

Teams will be competing against one another to earn Class DoJo points for positive behaviors around our school. Along the way, incentives will be given for the team with the most points. (The team with the most points by Oct 1st wins an Otter Pop party)



Points will be given out for EPICER traits. Each team will focus on the above listed trait for the first half of the year.



Points will be given out by specialists, interventionalists, special's teachers and EA's.  They will all be looking for EPICER traits in the hallways, classrooms and lunchroom/recess.

We are so excited for this fun activity to be part of the lives of the students and staff at CTE. May the best (behaved) team win!