The Stallion Scoop: 21Apr23

The Stallion Scoop: 21Apr23
Posted on 04/21/2023
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28APR - All School Dance @ 5:30-7:30pm

MAY - School Supply Kit Orders due

1-5MAY - Teacher Appreciation Week


PSP Meetings @ 5:30pm  

April 25th


At Cherokee Trail we focus on six traits, teaching and fostering them in our classrooms and school-wide in order to create learners who are strong academically and socially. They are:

Read more on the EPICER page!

Grades K/1/2: Our focus this week will be organization. Most children are not naturally organized so they need to be taught organization skills.  We will talk about the importance of organization and come up with ways to organize themselves at home and at school.

Grades 3/4/5/6: We will complete a small art project that reminds us of what brings joy to our lives.

Please click on the links attached for information on Mindful Mornings with Mrs. Dunker.  We still have a few spots left.  Thank you.

Grades K-2

Grades 3-6


Healthy Activities Night!  Sierra Middle School is hosting a healthy activities night for the entire community! There are a lot of activities planned for ALL ages, bring the whole family! (flyer)


In fourth grade, we completed our bully prevention unit from Second Step. The students took a pre and post survey to assess specific attitudes, knowledge, and skills taught during the unit.  

Pre-survey grade 4 average 78%

Post-survey grade 4 average 96%

Wow! That is an increase of 18 percentage points!

In fifth grade, we started our bully prevention unit from Second Step.  This unit has a total of 4 lessons that will cover 1- recognize, report, and refuse bullying 2- bystander power 3- bystander responsibility 4- cyberbullying.  The students have been very engaged in situational discussions and sharing experiences.

If you are interested in reading more about bullying or how to help your child, take a look at this website.  Bullying can also be reported to Safe 2 Tell Colorado.

Stay tuned- in second and third grade, I am planning a 2 lesson series to teach students about the brain and regulating emotions.


Which Parenting Style Works Best?

What Is Digital Self-Harm?

Mental Health Resources:

* Do you know someone who is dealing with a serious mental health crisis?  Are you concerned about their immediate safety and well-being?  Colorado Crisis Service is a free service that offers immediate assistance in 3 formats.  You can call for expert help 24/7, visit one of the various walk-in locations, or chat with them online.  

* Denver Behavior Consultants – Social Skills groups now forming in Parker

* Is your child or someone you know struggling with anxiety?  The district has partnered with Dr. Scott Cypers to release a series of videos for parents with a ton of information and how to help someone.  All the videos can be found here.

* I Matter – Parents and youth (ages 12 and older) can take a brief mental health screening and schedule 3 free counseling appointments.

* STEM Center for Strength – mental health and well-being resources


DCSD Virtual Calming Corner

Life can be challenging at times! The great news is you have the power to overcome these challenges by integrating purposeful pauses throughout the day to calm both your brain and body. Maybe you need a quick nature fix, a guided relaxation practice or some quiet music in the background. Enjoy it all and explore! Be careful, some of these links can be rather mesmerizing -- you may want to use a timer ;-).


Do you know how to report a concern that threatens you, your friends, your family or your community?  Safe 2 Tell Colorado is an anonymous reporting tool for parents and students.  There are 3 ways to make an anonymous report – via website, app, or phone call.  

Weekly snack/food bags provided by Parker Task Force – If your family is interested in having a bag of snacks/food sent home in their student’s backpack weekly, please fill out this brief form.

Families with housing instability

Free/Reduced Meal Benefits



The Principal Chronicles continue ...
Testing, testing, and more testing. That is what this past week has looked like for us here at CTE. As I write this, we have exactly one student who needs to take two tests and we can finally put a bow on our state testing for this year. Although it was a ton of work getting CMAS done in a week, it worked pretty well and only impacted our school for one instead of multiple weeks as we have done in the past. I think I can accurately speak for our entire building when I say that it was a really long week for students and staff alike. All of our teachers were exhausted by Friday and I believe that many were in bed super early on Friday evening. Now we get a week off before we jump into our District diagnostic testing which is where we see (immediately) how much our students have grown during this year. We will all be very excited to see the growth.
On the home front, my daughter has now become my permanent chauffeur. She is now pretty confident in her driving ability and now nearly kills us only every once in a while as compared to every time. On Saturday, she decided to get her nails done because that's what teenage girls do with jobs because they have nothing else to spend their money on. I'm not sure how many of you have been in a nail salon before but whatever the nail people use on nails stinks so bad. As soon as you walk into any nail place there is a certain stench I wish I could accurately explain, but whatever it is, I am pretty confident that I shouldn't be inhaling it consistently. Unfortunately, my daughter loves to get her nails done so I have to smell that nasty smell quite often. In addition to the that, another part of the nail experience is sitting on this throne-like chair. If you are getting your toenails done, they have you sit in this giant chair that is fairly elevated above the ground. There are pools of water by your feet and the chairs seem to be pretty comfy. I have no idea what the pool of water is for but people seem to sit for a very long time in those chairs while the workers buff out their feet. I am always surprised the people in the big chairs don't pass out due to the long duration they sit and the nasty smell. Either way, it will be another reason I'll be happy my daughter can drive herself here in a few months.
That is it for this week's episode. Stay tuned for next week when the Principal Chronicles continues....


* STEM summer camp (flyer)


* Co-Ed Summer Volleyball Camps (flyer)
* Douglas County Cotillion 2023 (
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* DCSD Community Events (
* Lego Masterbuilders club (
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* Robotics & Coding club (
* Chap Youth Wrestling Club (flyer)
* LEGO Storytelling: Marvel vs. DC (flyer)
* Science Matters - before/after school STEM Clubs (flyer)
* Chap Dance Team - The Mini-Wolverines (flyer)
* Robotics & Coding Club (flyer)
* CTE STEM CLUBS from Science Matters (link)
* Cub Scout Pack (flyer)

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