The Stallion Scoop: 18Feb22

The Stallion Scoop: 18Feb22
Posted on 02/18/2022
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PSP has fulfilled numerous teacher grants this year; from a PE shade canopy to choir shirts, speech curriculum, literacy materials, and more! We couldn't have helped our staff so much without your fundraising efforts. Thank you! We're now gearing up for Games Night, School Dance, Parent Teacher Conference dinners and more! Join us at our next PSP meeting to learn more and get involved.

Upcoming events:

2/22 PSP meeting 5:30pm

2/22 Papa John's restaurant night 

4/21 Games Night 5-7pm

4/26 PSP Meeting 5:30pm

5/2-5/6 Teacher Appreciation week

5/6 Morning with Moms 8am

5/13 All School Dance 5-7pm




We have LOTS of DISCOUNTED family fun opportunities coming up! Ticket links:

Avalanche | Mammoth | Nuggets | Rockies | Rapids


Each month we focus more closely on one trait - this month's EPICER trait is: COURAGE.

   * I am willing to take risks in my learning

   * I stand up for what's right at all times

   * I have self confidence


Mental Health Resources

* Is your child or someone you know struggling with anxiety?  The district has partnered with Dr. Scott Cypers to release a series of videos for parents with a ton of information and how to help someone.  All the videos can be found here. * I Matter – Parents and youth (ages 12 and older) can take a brief mental health screening and schedule 3 free counseling appointments.

   STEM Center for Strength – mental health and well-being resources Free parenting groups January – March at Shiloh House


Safe 2 Tell Colorado

Do you know how to report a concern that threatens you, your friends, your family or your community? Safe 2 Tell Colorado is an anonymous reporting tool for parents and students.  There are 3 ways to make an anonymous report – via website, app, or phone call.  


Parent Articles

   Recognizing PTSD in Teens

   Parents Ultimate Guide to TikTok

   12 Apps that every parent of a teen should know about

   Common Sense on Cyberbullying


Family Resources

Weekly snack/food bags provided by Parker Task Force – If your family is interested in having a bag of snacks/food sent home in their student’s backpack weekly, please fill out this brief form.

   Families with housing instability

   Universal Free Meal Benefits

Sierra Middle School has been working hard to provide college resources for families. They are excited to announce that Sierra Middle School is hosting the College Funding Coach on Tuesday, March 1st from 6:00-7:15pm for a web workshop. This event is for any family wanting to learn how to pay for college (Preschool - High School). 

The College Funding Coach was founded in 2002 to help families better understand the complex strategies for paying for college and making higher education more affordable. Since that time, The College Funding Coach team has been on a mission to help families make the college dream a reality...and still retire one day. The College Funding Coach’s founder, Brock Jolly, realized that most families want to help pay for their children’s education; but they often lack the liquidity and/or the cash flow to be able to do so. Their interactive workshop, Little-Known Secrets of Paying for College, teaches parents the rules of the game when it comes to financial aid, as well as the critical strategies to help them win that game—whether by qualifying for need-based aid or by maximizing cash flow and liquidity.

This is a free educational web event.  Please register by clicking HERE.



The Principal Chronicles continue....

Holy guacamole what a week. With a short week, Valentine's day, and another possible snow storm. February is always such a crazy month. Thank goodness it is only 28 days. Of course, that silly Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, predicted six more weeks of winter. Bummer. 

Here at school we are keeping things together. These are crucial weeks and our teachers are working as hard as possible to keep the students engaged and learning which is no easy task on Valentine's week coupled with the Super Bowl. Talk about your poor food choices this week. Besides that, I am busy trying to manage the budget, prep for state testing, figure out staffing, decipher the carpool traffic jam, manage staff and student behavior, and try to keep my head above water. Luckily for me, we have an amazing staff which makes my life so much easier. I am forever grateful to be a part of this school and this community. 

On the personal side, this past weekend was my daughter's Christmas present from my parents. Basically it was a day of shopping in Fort Collins which, of course, my daughter was more than willing to spend someone else's money. So Sunday morning (by the way, who decides to choose a day shopping with a teenager on Super Bowl Sunday? Me. Life of a being the father of a girl) we drove up to Fort Collins to start our fun and excitement. When we arrived at my parents' house, my mom had a gigantic list of nearly every store in Fort Collins that she thought my daughter would like. We spent about 45 minutes going through the list and determined all of the stores we would hit. Our first three stores were in the Centerra shops in Greeley (apparently the shopping spree branches out beyond the borders of Fort Collins) and we strolled into Aerie and my daughter promptly picked out roughly 7 outfits to try on. While she was in the dressing room, I made it a point to ask my parents what the budget was. I wanted to reign in any thoughts of my daughter spending half the national debt. My mom told me she was thinking of $100 which is fine but clearly my 78 year old mother has not been to the mall in around a decade. My daughter was going to blow through that in the first store. Sure enough, the first store wiped out that $100 no problem. Luckily for us, my daughter has saved up quite a bit of money from babysitting so the rest of the day wasn't lost. She found all kinds of things and did really well managing her budget. The hardest part of the day was just following her around into all of these stores and trying to act excited about looking at clothing that barely had any fabric at all. The main comments that exited me during the course of the day was "Nope, that's not appropriate" or "Do girls seriously wear that?" or "No". All in all, despite us missing the entire Super Bowl, it was a good day and my daughter walked away with a ton of new clothes and a smile on her face which is what is the most important thing. 

That is it for this week's edition, stay tuned to next time when the Principal Chronicles continue.


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* Science Matters STEM club (flyer)

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