The Stallion Scoop - 20May22

The Stallion Scoop - 20May22
Posted on 05/20/2022
stallion scoop



School Supply Kits for 2022-2023 are now on sale and you can order here Supply Kits Ordering is only available May 10th- June 3rd. Kits will be delivered by August 5th. The school code is 83115.


Field Day 2022 - Monday, May 23rd  

Volunteer sign up link


Kindergarten  - 9:10-10:40

Kindergarten  - 2:00-2:40 - water games

Grades 1-6

  AM stations – 9:00-10:40

  Lunch break – 10:40-1:30

  PM Stations – 1:30-3:10

Berry Blendz Smoothies will be on sale for $3.00 cash - Free Popsicles provided by P.S.P.


* You may wear swimwear 

     - Ladies, shirts and shorts are required over your suit - school appropriate swimwear please 

     - boys must leave their shirts on unless at the water station

* Tennis shoes would be best since there are soccer activities. If you ordered a shirt or shorts, they will be handed out May 19th and 20th.

* Bring a water bottle - refill stations will be available

* Bring a towel - Wear sunscreen 


Calling all books home to the Library! All books are due into the Library by Friday, May 13th. PLEASE see Mrs. Nottingham if you have a lost book! Lost book fees: $15 per book. Fees can be paid either by cash or check (made out to CTE) or by credit card through your child's MySchoolBucks account online.

Unlock the Magic of Summer Reading! For more information and to register, visit Preregister online beginning May 1.

CONGRATULATIONS to our 4th quarter EPICER award winners! They were celebrated at an all-school assembly this morning.
Please watch the Spring EPICER lessons from each CTE classroom - tangible acts performed around our school combining ALL of the EPICER traits covered this year!



Why Aren’t School Meals Free Anymore?

Over the last two years, the USDA has provided schools waivers that provide meals at no cost to students. Those waivers will expire after the 2021-2022 school year ends. This means a return to paid meals beginning August 8, 2022 for students that do not qualify for Free or Reduced Meal Benefits.

Do I need to submit an application to receive Free or Reduced price meals?

Yes! Everyone must submit a new application for each school year.

Applications will be available online beginning July 15, 2022 and can be found here:

Paper applications can also be found at your school site or the Nutrition Services office at  2812 N Highway 85, Building E, Castle Rock, CO 80109.

We encourage EVERYONE to apply to see if they qualify. 
I don’t qualify for Free or Reduced meal benefits. How much will meals cost?

Lunch Prices are as follows:
Elementary School:  $3.25
Middle School:  $3.75
High School:  $4.00

Breakfast (where served) Prices are as follows:
* Elementary School:  $2.00
* Middle School:  $2.25
* High School:  $2.50

All meal prices include an entrée, fruit, veggies, and milk. Ala carte options are available at all schools and pricing varies by item. Charter school pricing varies so please confirm on your school’s website.  Please ensure your student has money in their account for meals prior to the first day of school by visiting My School Bucks.



Please stop by the CTE lobby before next week to search for any items in our overflowing lost and found!! We will be donating all items next Thursday, 26may22.

Progress reports will be available May 27th at 8:00 AM via the EngagEd portal (please use your Parent Portal credentials to log in and view your student's report).

JUNE/JULY: T & TH 8am-1pm
AUGUST: M-F 8am-4pm



Online registration for ALL students (2022-23 school year) will open Friday, 22Jul22.


Students return Monday, 8Aug22 (2022-23 calendar).


It’s May! In reflecting upon the last 10 months, I am proud of what the students are learning and how they are able to utilize their social-emotional skills they are being taught.  


In 3rd and 4th grade, we have just completed or are finishing up our 4 lesson series on Bully Prevention from our Second Step curriculum. The students learned: 

  * What bullying is (repeated, imbalance of power, purposeful)

  * Who they can report bullying to (trusted adults at home and school).  This was practiced through role play.We talked about what to expect at school after bullying is reported.

  * How to refuse bullying.  Techniques such as using assertive words and being a “buddy” to the victim were taught and practiced through role play.

The students were really engaged in the role play and were very open about relating experiences to our discussions.


Bullying parent resource

Our 6th grade students participated in an informative presentation from our School Resource Officer about online safety and cyberbullying.  Students received information on how their online activity impacts themselves and others.      

Our 6th grade students have recently begun lessons from Sources of Strength.  Sources of Strength is a program that is used in most of the secondary schools in our district - including Sierra Middle School.  This is a program that introduces students to the strengths and supports they have in order to build resiliency skills.  These are family support, positive friends, physical & mental health, mentors, healthy activities, generosity, and spirituality.    


Parent Articles       

  High Functioning Anxiety: What It Is and How to cope? 

  How Perfectionism in Children and Teens Impacts Mental Health


ADHD articles focusing on exercise, accountability, and planning

  * ADHD and sleep

  * Sleep, learning and memory

  * Benefits of exercise

  * Book “Spark” - This is a book that is highly recommended by many professionals.  I have read it and was amazed to understand the science behind exercise, the brain, and how it impacts focus and learning.


Is your child or someone you know struggling with anxiety?  The district has partnered with Dr. Scott Cypers to release a series of videos for parents with a ton of information and how to help someone.  The latest segment has just been released - all the videos can be found here.


Family Resources

  * La Liga registration open - Do you have a student currently in 5-6 grade?  This is a free summer soccer program for girls and boys with coaches that speak Spanish and English. More information here.

  * Weekly snack/food bags provided by Parker Task Force – If your family is interested in having a bag of snacks/food sent home in their student’s backpack weekly, please fill out this brief form.

  * Families with housing instability

  * Universal Free Meal Benefits


Mental Health Resources

  * Summer social skills group now forming in Parker for children ages 7-9 through Denver Behavior Consultants LLC

  * Masks may be coming off, but kids are still struggling from the pandemic. Here is a 3 part series from UC Health (7 min each) with tips from a doctor on managing the stress.

  * I Matter – Parents and youth (ages 12 and older) can take a brief mental health screening and schedule 3 free counseling appointments.

  * STEM Center for Strength – mental health and well-being resources

Safe 2 Tell Colorado

Do you know how to report a concern that threatens you, your friends, your family or your community?  Safe 2 Tell Colorado is an anonymous reporting tool for parents and students.  There are 3 ways to make an anonymous report – via website, app, or phone call.



The Principal Chronicles Continue ....

We are down to the final full week of school and oh boy is there a lot going on. In fact, we have so much going on I can't even put it into the Chronicles without taking up the entire page. Let's just say that we will all be ready for the summer. Just know that our staff and students are working very hard to wrap up the 2021-2022 school year and EVERYONE is looking forward to the summer. 

On the home front, things are just as busy there as they are here at school. Having just moved about two weeks ago, I am fully invested in the perils of home ownership. As always when you move into a house everything is awesome and you're super excited, but then when all of the unpacking and getting all of your stuff in place happens, your to do list goes through the roof. 

The first fun and excitement we found when we started redoing the basement, was that the pilot light on our gigantic water heater goes out pretty much on a daily basis; sometimes multiple times a day. This leads to our current game of shower lottery. It is nearly a daily game where we get to see who "wins" by having hot water and who "loses" by getting a cold shower. Unfortunately I have lost the most. 

Next on the list was the sprinkler system. Note to self: when purchasing a house in February, always at least look into the sprinkler system. Of course, I failed to do this when we actually took possession of the house in May so our grass was totally yellow and the HOA for our neighborhood was already giving us the stink eye. So out I went and turned on the water to the sprinklers. As I am sure you can imagine, it was like walking into the kids park at Water World, things spraying everywhere. From there it became CSI - Sprinkler System in trying to figure out what all was leaking, broken, or both. An hour later, and no less than seven separate incidents of being sprayed directly in the face, I was able to figure out that I had lots of sprinkler issues and the repairs were beyond my feeble capabilities. Seems like on a daily basis, the issues are getting larger, all while my bank account is getting smaller. 

Despite all of the challenges, things are actually coming along nicely and slowly getting fixed - with the exception of one single handle in our bathroom. The nice couple who lived in the house previously either had super tiny hands or incredible grip strength because none of the drawers had handles and they are literally impossible to open without wedging your hands in a very tiny space in between the drawers. The obvious solution here would be to add handles, pretty simple right? Not so much. In the bathroom, there are three drawers with kind of a two-tiered design on the front. In addition, I am 6'2" so I don't love bending all the way down to the floor to open a drawer so I wanted to place the handles towards the top of the drawer. The first two handles went off without a hitch but then when I got to the third drawer the wheels came off. I drilled the hole (same as the other two) but when I tried to put the handle on and screw it in. The screw was about a millimeter too short and wouldn't catch the threads of the handle, therefore the handle would just fall off. Since it was such a short distance I tried to push really hard to make it catch. Fail. Then I tried to push the handle really hard. Fail. Then I tried to re-drill the hole. Fail. Then I tried to whittle the outside of the hole. Fail. Then I tried a different handle. Fail. Roughly two and a half hours of trial and error it finally dawned on me that I may have a faulty screw. Sure enough as soon as I traded out the screw, everything worked out just fine. Got to love that, nearly three hours of my life I'll never get back. Super. Needless to say, that silly drawer is done now. Plus who uses the bottom drawer anyway? 

That is it for this week's edition, stay tuned for our last edition of the Principal Chronicles coming to you next week. See you next time when the Principal Chronicles continue ....



* Stone Canyon Summer Camps (flyer)
* TGA Tennis & Golf (flyer)
* Pop Warner Football (flyer)
* Science Matters STEM club (flyer)
* Chaparral Wrestling Club (flyer)
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