The Stallion Scoop - 15Apr22

The Stallion Scoop - 15Apr22
Posted on 04/15/2022
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Upcoming events:

4/21 Games Night 5-7pm (flyer)

4/26 PSP Meeting 5:30pm

5/2-5/6 Teacher Appreciation week

5/6 Morning with Moms 8am

5/13 All School Dance 5-7pm


It's time for the DCSD Visual Art Show! Please click here for all of the information.


FREE Colorado Symphony Orchestra Concert!


A celebration of our common human spirit

Join family and friends for this concert at Boettcher Concert Hall in the 

Denver Center for the Performing Arts. This is the concert that our 3rd grade students 

have attended 'virtually' for the past two years. Now is your chance to see it performed live....for free!

Sunday, April 24th at 2:30pm



The reward for March golden stickers was voted to be -> HAT DAY! on Monday, 11Apr22.
We have explored each EPCER trait in detail throughout the school year - and for the last 2 months we will bring them all together and see how they work together in our world!!
For the EPICER lesson in April/May, each classroom will brainstorm an activity which exemplifies being EPICER - they will carry out their activity and for our last EPICER assembly of the year (on 20May22) we will show a slideshow of all the classes efforts!


Is your child or someone you know struggling with anxiety? The District has partnered with Dr. Scott Cypers to release a series of videos for parents with a ton of information and how to help someone. The latest segment has just been released - all the videos can be found here.

Parent Articles

Finding a healthy balance with electronic devices

Screen time conversations with older kids and teens about their habits

Mental Health Resources

Masks may be coming off, but kids are still struggling from the pandemic.  Here is a 3 part series from UC Health (7 min each) with tips from a doctor on managing the stress.

I Matter – Parents and youth (ages 12 and older) can take a brief mental health screening and schedule 3 free counseling appointments.

STEM Center for Strength – mental health and well-being resources

Safe 2 Tell Colorado

Do you know how to report a concern that threatens you, your friends, your family or your community? Safe 2 Tell Colorado is an anonymous reporting tool for parents and students.  There are 3 ways to make an anonymous report – via website, app, or phone call.

Family Resources

Weekly snack/food bags provided by Parker Task Force – If your family is interested in having a bag of snacks/food sent home in their student’s backpack weekly, please fill out this brief form.

Families with housing instability

Universal Free Meal Benefits



The Principal Chronicles continue .....

Here we are swimming in the CMAS swimming pool again. Our students are working so hard and it was really cool to see our primary students supporting CMAS-taking students (with quiet hallways and notes of encouragement). As of this writing, we are half way through testing and hopefully we will wrap everything up next week (assuming we don't have any students absent who need to make up tests). After all of this work, I am excited to see how much our students have grown based on the last time we took this test three years ago. 

On the personal side, it has been a whirlwind few weeks, to say the least. In the summer, my parents are taking my daughter and me to Africa on a safari. My sister sells African safaris, so they thought it would be awesome for my daughter to see things few people get the opportunity to see. Two things you need to know before traveling to Africa: you need a ton of shots and a valid passport. Since my daughter and I have had a few trips internationally I thought we were good with her passport. Then I read the requirements and saw that her passport needs to be valid AND that it cannot expire within six months. Well her passport expires on November 22, 2022 which means she needed a new passport. None of this is a big deal, unless you consider the fact that since she is a minor, she needs to have an in-person passport appointment, and there was a world-wide pandemic which caused major delays in passport services. In addition, my brilliant self didn't look into the requirements until the first week of April and as you can imagine, I hit the panic button immediately. 

First I had to find my daughter's passport. Normally, this is no problem as I keep it in a fireproof box in my closet. The problem is that we are living in a temporary home so my fireproof box in buried somewhere in my storage facility. So phase one was to get into my storage facility and retrieve the box. As I went to go unlock my facility, I had trouble finding the keys. Turns out, the person we are living with threw the keys to my storage facility away because they didn't recognize them and thought they didn't go to anything. Houston, now we have two problems. 

From there, I tried to call the storage facility office to see if they could open my unit. On my way over there, I remembered that the keys to my fireproof box were in my junk drawer when I moved meaning they are located in a completely separate box within my storage facility. Houston, now we have three problems. When I arrived at the facility, I went to walk into the office but when I pulled on the door it was locked and there was a sign saying that this facility is not staffed by anyone due to a staffing shortage. Super. So I drove to the closest Lowe's and bought myself a new lock and some bolt cutters. As I was driving back to the facility I drove by the office and noticed that someone had walked inside the office. As I got to my unit I quickly realized that normal bolt cutters were not able to cut the lock so I quickly drove around to the office and went inside. I asked the attendant if they could open up my unit for me (this is where the universe smiled upon me). He told me the only person who could open my unit was the regional director who just so happened to be sitting right next to the attendant. She was able to take this gigantic saw and pulverize my lock and I was in. (This is where the universe smiled upon me again). When I opened the door, I was able to locate my fireproof box and my keys to said fireproof box within 30 minutes (side note: I went directly from doing this to the closing of my new house, nothing like everything happening all in the same day). You'd like to think that this would be the end of the story but sadly it is not. 

Now that I had my daughter's passport in hand, I needed to book an appointment with a passport office since she is a minor. Not only that, since I am divorced, I need to have my ex-wife sign a form allowing my daughter to get a passport, and said form needs to be notarized, and it has to be in black ink. Not only that, since we are technically in the midst of a world-wide pandemic an in person passport appointment is like trying to find one of those marshmallow Easter peeps in October (nearly impossible! in case that reference was a little obscure). As I was trying to book appointments, I quickly realized that there were a total of zero appointments anywhere in the Denver metro area, or in Nebraska, or Wyoming, or any place outside of the Denver Metro area with the exception of one appointment at 3:00 at City Hall in the town of Berthoud. So my task was to not only get the paperwork from my ex-wife (not easy), notarized (really not easy), in black ink (easier), and get it all together to make it to my appointment in Berthoud. Total time I had to get all of this done? Four days (yeah, I know. It is the universe's way of telling me I should have known better).

So after four days of negotiating, mixed emotions, and a few more gray hairs, we were on our way to our appointment in Berthoud. Who knew there was even a place called Berthoud, let alone that they have a passport office? Fun fact, Berthoud is a ways north and their motto is: Berthoud - Good things grow here (always good to know). When our appointment time arrived and we met with the agent we were told that all of our paperwork was in place EXCEPT my ex-wife missed one line and did not write my name on the document. So I had a choice. I could redo the entire process complete with trying to find a new appointment and getting the entire paperwork from my ex-wife completely re-done (not an option) OR submit it and hope that the government doesn't reject it because of that one line. Of course, I had to sell my left kidney in order to get the money to afford the cost it takes to expedite the passport in order to get it back in time for our trip. Fingers crossed. As of this writing, I still have no idea but I keep hoping the universe smiles upon me once again. 

That is it for this week, stay tuned for next week. See you next time when the Principal Chronicles continue ...



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