The Stallion Scoop: 28Jan21

The Stallion Scoop: 28Jan21
Posted on 01/28/2021
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2020-2021 Cherokee Trail Elementary Yearbook orders are due by February 26th. Yearbooks will be delivered in May.

The first yearbook purchase is $17.00, and any additional yearbooks will be $14 each. When you purchase, add your first book to your cart, then return back into "product" to purchase additional yearbooks and add them to your cart. You will then be able to pay for all items at one time instead of individually (link to order).


Box Tops are offered on a variety of foods and household items. Traditional Box Tops clips are being phased out of production, but may continue to be found on many products throughout the store. You can still clip these and send them into CTE. Please make sure to check the expiration date on the Box Top. The Box Top program is moving toward a digital only platform. You can download the app, scan your receipt, and earn $$ for CTE! Just designate CTE as your school on the app. That's it! If you would like more information or instructions on how to use the new Box Tops app click on the Box Tops website.


Do you have furniture needs? Purchases at American Furniture ANYTIME OF THE YEAR support our school!

Please share with friends and relatives. Thanks for your support! (flyer)

EPIC'R INFORMATION (even more info)

This month's EPIC'R trait: RESPECT

  • I listen carefully to adults and students and do not interrupt

  • I show empathy when interacting with others

  • I accept feedback and respond in a positive way

  • I own my actions and make things right

  • I use manners



Have you been doubting your parenting lately? Not sure how to handle certain issues with your adolescent child? Parents now have another opportunity to attend a virtual event featuring Nick Thompson Thursday, February 4 from 6:30-8:00. Here are more details.

At Cherokee Trail, student social-emotional learning is fully underway! The EPIC trait for February is Respect. Students will participate in a monthly lesson given by their classroom teacher that includes literature and self-reflection.

First grade students are beginning a series of safety lessons using the Safer, Smarter Kids curriculum. Students will be covering topics such as trusted adults, using an assertive voice, body boundaries, tattling, and strangers.

Fourth grade students will continue to learn and practice mindfulness using the MindUp curriculum. Students have learned about the limbic system in their brain and its role in regulating emotions.

Sixth grade students are continuing lessons from the Second Step curriculum. We have begun a new unit that focuses on bullying. So far, students have learned the different types of bullying that can occur and the emotional impact it has on others.

Sixth grade students also recently met with staff from Sierra Middle School. They discussed what a typical school day entails as well as information to choose their electives. Remember, elective choices are due February 5 at 3:00pm.

I look forward to visiting the other grades soon!



The Principal Chronicles continue ...

As I write this, it is Wednesday morning and today is the first day of our first quarantine of 2021. So far our staff and students have been doing really well, but as always with COVID, it is only a matter of time. Luckily for us, of the four quarantines we have had, all of them have only affected one class and not an entire grade level. I'm so proud of our staff for taking such precautions to keep our students safe. I am 99% sure everyone is over wearing masks, hand washing, cleaning, and social distancing, but it's days like yesterday when I am happy they still follow all of those rules so that when COVID comes knocking it doesn't wipe us out. 

On the personal side, things with the move are processing quickly. Our house has officially become a purge zone. I am truly amazed at how much "stuff" we have in our house. Going room to room and deciding what is essential has been a very interesting experiment. I have been to Goodwill about 75 times in the last two weeks and have sold all kinds of things. I am shocked at what people want. We sold a used cat pole for $25. I'm not even making that up. Who buys a used cat pole? Every day I come home it seems like something else has been either sold or packed away. I'm just over a month away from move in day but I would say the majority of our house is already packed up. The hard part for me is that my new place is still under construction and I can't even set foot inside until it's done. That has been a challenge trying to decide what to keep and what to take when I am not entirely sure how much space I will have. I drove over there last weekend (my new place is exactly 50 minutes away with no traffic) to see how much room I had in my garage. Let me put it this way, I will essentially be parking the Toyota inside an envelope. Not a lot of space in there, that is for sure. Other than that, there is just so much going on, school is super busy and there are so many aspects to moving it seems like my head is swimming. I'll get it figured out but if you see me wandering aimlessly around, just point me back to my office and I'll be good. 

That is it for this week. Stay tuned next week and see you next time when the Principal Chronicles continue ...


ARCHIVED FLYERS (ALL) * Girl Scout Troop forming in our area! (flyer)

* FREE online Spanish classes (flyer)

* Strategic Kids: Chess, Lego, Magic, Origami (flyer1) / (flyer2

* Young Rembrandts On-Demand (flyer)

NONDISCRIMINATION NOTICE: The Douglas County School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, age, marital status, genetic information, or physical characteristics, disability or need for special education services in admissions, access to, treatment of, or employment in educational programs or activities. The School District’s Compliance Officer is Ted Knight, Assistant Superintendent, 620 Wilcox Street, Castle Rock, Colorado, [email protected], 303-387-0067. Complaint procedures have been established for students, parents, employees, and members of the public.