The Stallion Scoop: 5Sep19

The Stallion Scoop: 5Sep19
Posted on 09/05/2019
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CTE students are social-emotional learners!

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PSP NEWS PSP Membership & Yearbook Order Form: There is still time to purchase a PSP Membership which includes a yearbook and a CTE logo decal! It also supports our school and helps us to fulfill PSP grants submitted by our staff & students. Fill out the form and turn it in with payment by the end of September. Fun Run 2019: Save the date for the annual Fun Run, Tuesday, Sept. 24th! Please see the flyer for all the details. Funds raised from the Fun Run will support programs used for all of our students at CTE, field trip scholarships, and PSP Grants. Restaurant Night: Join us at the next Restaurant Night at Swirls, Wednesday, Sept. 11th, 4:00pm - 8:00pm. Enjoy a sweet treat with family, friends, and the CTE community! Let them know you are there to support CTE and we will receive a portion of the proceeds. Thank you for supporting our school!


Come to the annual Chaparral Homecoming Parade, Monday, 16sep19 - starts at 5:30pm. (flyer).


Mindful Mornings with Mrs. Dunker will be starting next week.  Please see the information below to learn more about how your 3rd - 6th grade child can get involved. 
What is mindfulness? Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way:  on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally. This kind of attention nurtures greater awareness, clarity, and acceptance of present-moment reality.” - Jon Kabat-Zinn How can mindfulness help your child?  Mindfulness helps us to better understand our feelings and emotions.  With better understanding, we are able to respond to our feelings and emotions in ways that are healthy.  Mindfulness helps students to be more focused on and attentive to their learning. Mindfulness also improves executive functioning, which carries over into all aspects of life. Join Mrs. Dunker on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to learn how to be more mindful in your life.  It's a wonderful, peaceful way to start your school day. Mindful Mornings is open to students in grades 3rd - 6th.  See below for information about how to sign up and be part of this joyful journey into mindfulness. You can sign up at Mindful Mornings Sign-up
Dear Families and Students, Grandparents’ Day is next month and in honor of that special day, I want to invite you to attend a unique event called “An Intergenerational Conversation”.

At the event, children and their grandparents will share ideas on how to make spending time together extra special. The event starts with a Keynote Speaker on the importance of intergenerational relationships, followed by a panel of local students talking about what they like to do or would like to do with their Grandparents. I know you’ll hear some great ideas and, perhaps, you can share some of your ideas too!

The event is free, and there will be light refreshments and cool door prizes. Here are the details: Date: Saturday, September 7 (day before Grandparents Day) Time: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm Where: Philip S. Miller Library, 100 Wilcox St., Castle Rock Register:   Space is limited, you must be registered to attend.  Registration closes August 30, 2019. Presented in partnership with the Seniors’ Council of Douglas County, Douglas County School District and The Foundation for Douglas County Schools.

Sincerely, Josh Miller - Principal Cherokee Trail Elementary

FROM THE AP - ROBIN HUNT 2019/2020 Student Council Congratulations to our new Student Council! We are thrilled to have so many interested this year. Their first meeting will be Wednesday, September 11th at 7:45am. If you are unsure at anytime when the meetings are, please check the school calendar. All meetings are on that calendar. Carpool Reminders When accessing the carpool lane, please pull all the way forward to allow as many students as possible to exit their vehicles quickly. Pulling all the way forward keeps everyone moving and prevents you from waiting in line so long. Also, if you are leaving your vehicle for any purpose (even to help your child out of the car) please park your vehicle in the parking lot. Our carpool lane is only for those families whose children exit the vehicle independently. Thank you!

What's Happening at CTE (calendar)

5 SEP 7:30 - 8:30am Orchestra Practice
8 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings (3-6th grades)
9 SEP All day CogAT Testing at CTE
7:40 - 8:25am Run Club
10 SEP All day CogAT Testing at CTE
7:30 - 8:30am Orchestra Practice
8 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings (3-6th grades)
11 SEP All day CogAT Testing at CTE
7:40 - 8:25am Run Club
7:45 - 8:45am StuCo Meeting 6th grade classrooms
4 - 8pm PSP Swirls Frozen Yogurt
12 SEP All day CogAT Testing at CTE
7:30 - 8:30am Orchestra Practice
8 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings (3-6th grades)
3 - 3:30pm Chap Homecoming Assembly
13 SEP All day CogAT Testing at CTE
16 SEP 7:40 - 8:25am Run Club
9am - 2:30pm Vision and Hearing
5 - 6pm Chap Homecoming Parade
17 SEP 7:30 - 8:30am Orchestra Practice
8 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings (3-6th grades)
9am - 2:30pm Vision and Hearing
9 - 10am Fun Run Assembly
2:15 - 2:45pm PSP Meeting
5:30 - 7pm SAC Meeting
18 SEP All day 6th Grade Outdoor Ed
7:40 - 8:25am Run Club
19 SEP All day 6th Grade Outdoor Ed
7:30 - 8:30am Orchestra Practice
8 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings (3-6th grades)
20 SEP All day 6th Grade Outdoor Ed
All day NO SCHOOL - teacher work day


The Principal Chronicles continue ... As I write this, it is Wednesday afternoon right after Labor Day. The beginning of September is always a really busy time for me personally as I have my oldest's birthday on the 3rd, then my Dad on the 6th, and then my significant other on the 15th. This past weekend, we celebrated my oldest's birthday. She turned 14 and wanted to tour Celestial Seasonings in Boulder followed up by a visit to Waxx Traxx record store, followed by dinner at a Vegan restaurant. I am sure that last sentence caused some pause as it isn't your typical 14th birthday party but let me assure you that is 100% my oldest. The Celestial Seasonings tour was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. I'm not a tea fan but I was amazed at the operation they have there in Boulder. Fun fact: did you know they have ONE GUY who ensures all of the tea tastes the way that it should. Yep, one guy. His job is tasting tea. That is it. I was amazed that a huge operation like that relies on one person. He must REALLY like tea. Waxx Traxx has been around for 400 years but it was still cool to see that place. I hadn't been in there since high school and it hasn't changed at all since then and that was way back when we rode our dinosaurs to school. The last stop was Watercourse vegan restaurant. I had never eaten at a vegan restaurant but it was pretty good. Sometimes its hard to think about a restaurant that doesn't have any meat, eggs, fish or dairy. (And no we didn't eat sticks and twigs) I had veggie taco's and I have to say I really enjoyed it. My daughter's cake was a Boba cake since she loves Boba Tea. Basically it was a black tea cake, tea frosting with little Boba's poured over the top. Although it sounds weird, it was pretty good as far as cakes go. Well that is it for this week, next week I may tackle the fun and excitement around my dad's 75th birthday as we descend on the Stapleton Marketplace in Denver. Lots of restaurants and places to make poor food choices. Until then, stay tuned for next time when the Principal Chronicles continue ...
* E-cigs 101 - DCSD has the highest vaping rate in the country! come lunch-n-learn why - flyer
* Chap Wrestling - flyer
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Thursday September 12 and Friday September 13 at 7:00 pm, please join Chaparral Performing Arts for Cabaret, "a night of solo, small group, and large group musical numbers from the first 20 years of Chaparral's musicals." Tickets are $7 at the door, or contact Kathy Rogers at [email protected] for information about discounted general admission tickets. The students in the performing arts at Chaparral are amazing, and I want their efforts to be rewarded by enthusiastic audiences at their performances. 

* Young Rembrandts Drawing Classes- flyer
* StrategicKids LEGO - flyer * StrategicKids Chess - flyer * order school picture packages online via * A Taste of DCSD - flyer
* Student Art Contest - A Taste of DCSD - flyer
* Milk Caps for Moola - flyer