The Stallion Scoop: 20Feb20

The Stallion Scoop: 20Feb20
Posted on 02/20/2020
stallion scoop


PSP NEWS Yearbook Orders: It's time to order a yearbook if you haven't already! Fill out the yearbook order form and send in payment by March 6th. If you believe you ordered a yearbook at the beginning of the year but you aren't sure, send us an e-mail with your name and your student's name and we can check. Yearbooks will be delivered in May. Box Tops: The brand new Box Tops competition is underway! This year there will be three prizes that will be awarded at the end of the competition. These prizes will not be weekly but rather at the end of the competition! All Box Tops must be turned in by March 6th. Physical Box Tops and Box Tops earned on the app will count. If you have collected Box Tops on the app, please take a screenshot of the your earnings and e-mail it to Krissi Spohn by March 6th. Make sure you include your student's name and their teacher in the e-mail. The winners will be announced before Spring Break and the rewards will be given out after Spring Break. For more details on the prizes see the flyer. Thank you for supporting our school! 

Dear CTE Community, We wanted to send out a few pick-up and drop-off reminders: 1. Please do not turn into our parking lot when students are in the crosswalk. We want to make sure all of our students are safe. 2.During pick up, please pull as far forward as possible in order to get the maximum amount of cars into our lot and not block traffic on Clarke Farms Drive. 3. During pick up, if your student is not right there when you pull up by the door, please pull forward and our staff will make sure your student finds your car. Again, we do not want to have traffic back up any more than we have to. 4. Remind your children that they need to come straight to carpool pick up at the end of the day. Many students are taking their time and causing delays in getting students home. Thank you for supporting us with this and thank you for being a part of our CTE family.


Dear CTE Community,

We are proud to announce our 2019-2020 Apple Award winning staff members. Our certified winner this year is Michele Whittingham and our classified winner this year is Laurie Olsziewski. Please join me on congratulating them on their award. Both are extremely deserving and vital members of the Cherokee Trail family. In case you are unfamiliar, the Apple Award is an award that is given out by our District based on the nominations of other staff members and parents in our school and community.   

Let’s talk about our children and the media! The media has a strong influence on our children.  It can shape their self-esteem and body image as well as expose them to information about violence and crime.  Please read the links below for information on how families can be more informed and can better assist their child(ren) to develop healthy!


Girls and Body Image


Boys and Body Image


How to Talk to Kids About Violence, Crime, and War


Apps to Watch Out For


There are also 2 exciting upcoming community events on adolescent “screen time”. 


Parent & Youth Night with Collin Kartchner: Internet Crusader, Youth Advocate, TedX Speaker – Thursday, February 20 @ 6:30 Rock Canyon HS


Screenagers: Uncovering the Next Chapter: Uncovering Skills for Stress Resilience – Thursday, February 27 @ 6:00 Cresthill MS


Student Council is hosting Wacky Wednesday for the month of February. Donate $1 to wear wacky things. One hundred percent of our proceeds will go to our Make A Wish student who will be revealed during Wish Week. Here is the schedule: 2/26- PJ Day

What's Happening at CTE (calendar)
19 FEB All day Wacky Wednesday: Career Day
20 FEB 7:30 - 8:30am Orchestra Practice
8 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings (3-6th grades) 
21 FEB 2:50 - 3:10pm EPIC Dance Assembly
24 FEB 5:30 - 9pm CHAP Percussion - Gym
25 FEB 7:30 - 8:30am Orchestra Practice
8 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings (3-6th grades) 
9am - 2pm Vision and Hearing Re-checks
26 FEB All day Wacky Wednesday: PJ Day
27 FEB 7:30 - 8:30am Orchestra Practice
8 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings (3-6th grades) 
3 MAR 7:30 - 8:30am Orchestra Practice
8 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings (3-6th grades) 
5:30 - 9pm Chap Percussion
5 MAR 7:30 - 8:30am Orchestra Practice
8 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings (3-6th grades) 


Snowly Cow, it has been snowing a lot lately. It seems like every other day there is another cold front moving in. Hopefully, Punxsutawney Phil's proclamation about spring being right around the corner comes true. I think all of us are ready for some warmer weather.

Things here at school are going pretty well. We survived Valentine's Day and now our focus is on learning, conferences, and of course St. Patrick's Day. On the home front, I had a pretty interesting weekend. Valentine's Day was pretty low key. Our family went out for sushi and I am always amazed at how much sushi my girls can throw down. We ended up getting a gigantic boat (yes it was a literal boat) of sushi. It was pretty expensive but awfully good. The interesting part of my weekend came on Monday when I had to go get an MRI. My loyal readers will know for about the last month, I have been following this journey with my health. I've been to more doctors in the last three weeks than I have in about 20 years. The results of my last blood draw, which was my third blood draw in 10 days showed I again had low testosterone. The good news was my blood sugar seemed to be normal but of course, nobody is perfect right? So my doctor (actually not my doctor but an endocrinologist whom my doctor referred me to - yes I had to Google that) wanted me to get an MRI on my pituitary gland (yes, I had to google that too). So there I was on Monday afternoon filling out more doctors forms and paying more money in my quest to figure out if something is wrong with me (the funny thing is, I feel completely fine - no issues whatsoever, but apparently no one in the medical industry thinks so). First step of my MRI was to sign my life away. Who knew that you could potentially die from getting an MRI? From there I had to go into the kind of hybrid locker room to remove all of the metal I had on me. That step was at least obvious not like the rest of the experience. Then I had to get hooked up to this giant IV so they could pump my body full of who knows what so they could see if my pituitary gland is working properly. Once I was filled up (yes, it totally felt like I went to Grease Monkey), I went into the MRI room. Funny thing, in order to enter the room we had to go past a chain barrier (kind of like what they have at Elitch's) to keep you from getting on the ride until it is your turn. It made me wonder if people just randomly walking into the room was an issue so they put up the chain? The MRI machine looked like a giant doughnut except longer and less sugary and I laid down on this long platform which the MRI guy (not sure if he was a nurse or what ,so he gets to be called "the MRI guy") referred to as a bed. Not sure what qualifies as a bed in MRI world but in my world, a long hard plank with a blanket on it isn't a bed. Once I laid down, the MRI guy gave me a set of ear plugs and informed me that an MRI was extremely loud. I thought this was kind of odd since I pictured in my head this being a lot like the dentist taking X-Ray's of your teeth (boy was I wrong). Now that my ear plugs were in, I was placed in this medieval-like head brace complete with its locking face mask. So picture in your mind that scene from Silence of the Lambs when Hannibal Lecter has that weird face mask so he doesn't eat anyone; that was me. From there, they turned the machine on and away I went inside the smaller-than-I-expected tube in the middle of the doughnut. For the next 42 minutes, yes I said that right, 42 minutes, I had to lie completely still while the doughnut made all kinds of super creepy noises. Let me tell you it was a completely surreal experience. Once my 42 minutes of fun and excitement were over, I was rolled out and had to take a few minutes to re-orient myself to the real world. It was just such a strange experience, I had to take a second to wrap my mind around it. Not only that, I was thinking that I just paid a lot of money to lay there in a giant doughnut. All that is left now is two more doctor's appointments to read all of the tests I have done and I'll be finished with my medical journey. What do I think will be wrong with me after all of this? Probably nothing. And all that will be left is a trail of bills and good stories. That is it for this week, next time I may have something more interesting to talk about, since next weekend I am going to my parents house in Estes to begin the months long process of moving them to Fort Collins. That should be worth some stories. See you next time when the Principal Chronicles continues....

* Chicken for a Cause: Support the DCSD Perseverance Scholarship fund - 2Mar20 at any Douglas County Chik-fil-A restaurant (flyer)

* Young Rembrandts - Cartoon Drawing class (flyer) Learn how to play tennis and golf or improve your skills at your school with TGA Premier Youth Sports and its fun and innovative programs. Golf Class is on Mondays starting on 2/3 right after school at 3:45 PM; Tennis Class is on Thursdays starting 2/6. Classes conducted on the blacktop if the weather is nice otherwise in the gym. Click HERE to register. Scholarships are available for kids on free/reduced lunch. Contact Anastassiya (flyer). * Stragetic Kids: Skywalker LEGO (flyer)
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Join Mrs. Dunker on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to learn how to be more mindful in your life.  It's a wonderful, peaceful way to start your school day. Mindful Mornings is open to students in grades 3rd - 6th.  See below for information about how to sign up and be part of this joyful journey into mindfulness. You can sign up at Mindful Mornings Sign-up

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