The Stallion Scoop: 24Jan19

The Stallion Scoop: 24Jan19
Posted on 01/24/2019
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STAFF CHAT - THE PRINCIPAL'S PODCAST NEW: Mr. Miller has posted a podcast for his weekly Staff Chat. Each podcast is available on CTE's YouTube channel - please subscribe and never miss any of the fun! Each week he will have a short interview with one of our staff members. Please enjoy the latest episode of season 2 with Ashley Lewis, 6th grade teacher.


Box Tops: The Box Top Competition is starting on Monday, Jan. 28th. See the flyer for prize details! Based on Box Tops turned in this school year, Ms. Dreith's class is currently in the lead. Who will take the lead next week?


Go Red Day is Friday, February 1st. It is a day that CTE is celebrating to honor heart disease and stroke prevention. Mrs. Whittingham is asking ALL students AND staff to wear RED on Friday.  The class that has the most students participating by wearing red, will earn points for their team! Wear Red on February 1st to show your support!

Open to Grades 4 - 6 - SIGN UP HERE! Start your morning with some mindfulness and see your life change (flyer). Tuesday and Thursday Mornings - 8:10 - 8:30 AM 
In Mrs. Dunker’s 4th Grade Classroom

Many thanks to Kendrick Edwards, Asst. Manage at the Alpine Lumber Yard here in Parker, for his donation of 20 feet of weatherproof TREX planking that will be utilized by our 5th grade classes. They are using the Design Thinking Process to develop a Sound/Music Wall for the kindergarten playground with installation planned for later this spring.


Reading Aloud to Your Child: Does your youngster listen actively when you read aloud?  It is a key to understanding what’s happening in the story.  Try these simple tips to build listening skills: · Ask your child to retell small parts of the story to you.  Or ask him questions while you read. Examples: “What will happen next?” “Why do you think she did that?” Find the answers to the questions together. · After you’ve read a story together two or three times, skip a word or two.  Ask your youngster to fill in the missing word or words. Hint: This works especially well with rhyming stories. *From 2008 Resources for Educators, a division of Aspen Publishers, Inc.

Visit these sites for more information:


Safety First!

Thanks for your support during carpool before and after school. We have several staff members outside to assist students getting in and out of their cars. Thanks for pulling all the way forward to make sure we can accommodate as many cars as possible and to make the line go quickly.

What's Happening at CTE (calendar)

24 JAN 8:10 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings w/Mrs. Dunker
3:30 - 4:15pm Film Club - Library
25 JAN 6 - 8pm All School Dance
29 JAN 8:10 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings w/Mrs. Dunker
4 - 8pm Restaurant Night - Hangry Ohana
31 JAN 8:10 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings w/Mrs. Dunker
3:30 - 4:15pm Film Club - Library
1 FEB 2:45 - 3:15pm Kids Heart Challenge Assembly
5 FEB 8:10 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings w/Mrs. Dunker
7 FEB 8:10 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings w/Mrs. Dunker
3:30 - 4:15pm Film Club - Library
8 FEB All day Jump Rope for Hoops and Heart

The Principal Chronicles continue ... What a strange week. First with our PD day on Friday coupled with MLK Day on Monday then followed up by a snow day made for a super short week. Having a snow day was really strange especially since we hardly had any snow at our house. In fact, we didn't even need to shovel our driveway since it melted by 11. Plus my older daughter was pretty peeved that Jeffco had school but DCSD didn't. In the end, I was extremely happy to have the time off and after driving down to Parker this morning I can see why we had a snow day. Good call. So what did I do you ask? Well, you probably didn't ask, but I had something happen to me on Tuesday that was a microcosm of my entire life. Where we live in Littleton is lucky enough to be close to King Soopers, Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage, Trader Joe's and Sprouts, so we have a ton of healthy food options around us. Tuesday morning I thought I would zip over to Vitamin Cottage for a couple of things since it is the closest to my house. Now keep in mind, I stop by Vitamin Cottage a lot (side note: it is a lot nicer than the one in Parker, just sayin') so I recognize many of the employees etc. One of the things I always do when I go there is to replace my little green basket instead of making the checker outer person do it. I know it's strange but for some reason, I find joy in doing it. So on Tuesday when I strolled into the store I noticed when I went to grab my little green basket that someone had placed the wrong kind of basket in the wrong pile. To better explain, there is a dark green type of basket and a light green type of basket and everyone in the whole universe knows that you put like with like because if you don't they don't stack right and the whole universe would then be out of whack. So for the benefit of all humankind, I picked up the light green basket and moved it over to the correct pile which was right against the wall and conveniently located directly beneath the fire alarm. Unbeknownst to me as the light green basket left my fingers it was on a direct trajectory to said fire alarm. Now any normal person nothing would happen but of course, I am not a normal person so, it triggered the fire alarm. So there I am standing in the foyer with the alarm going off and all I could think of doing (besides just running out) was standing there and apologizing to every employee that I saw and repeating "I did that by accident and I am very sorry". I know, I know what a goof! I literally had no idea what I should do. Do I evacuate? Do I stand there to take on some sort of responsibility? Do I just keep shopping? Then the manager came running around the corner and I repeated my mantra to her as well but her reaction was not to reassure my damaged self-worth, but rather to give me one of the worst stink eyes I have seen since my divorce (that is saying something). After standing in the foyer for a good 5 minutes like a dork, I decided that I actually really needed to get some things so I went to pick up my items. Honestly, it was super awkward in the store because I felt like a criminal and everyone was looking at me thinking I am the fire alarm-puller guy. Of course, no one really cared but in my head it was really awkward. I got my things, paid for them, and tried to head out. Of course, by now, the manager couldn't get the fire alarm turned off, the fire department was there with no less than seven firefighters, and to top it all off, the fire truck was blocking my car in. Super. Luckily, they moved the truck and I was able to get out of there with no dignity and my dunce hat firmly in place on my head. I spent the entire car ride home justifying my experience by repeatedly telling myself that I was only trying to help when in actuality I should probably just be more careful. Sadly, I wasn't surprised something like this happened to me. Like I said before, story of my life. Stay tuned next week, when the Principal Chronicles continue ...

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