The Stallion Scoop: 17Aug17

The Stallion Scoop: 17Aug17
Posted on 08/17/2017
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The Principal Chronicles continue ... We are back, the Chronicles are back, the kids are back, the staff is back, and it is safe to say we are prepped and ready to roll this year. After last year, this Principal wanted to make sure this year was off to a better start. (Side note - I am very reflective and try very hard to learn from my mistakes).
This summer was all kinds of fun, I worked a lot at school (which was a good thing). I did a lot of manual labor inside CTE to get ready for this year. (Note to self: trying to move collapsible book shelves with books on them by yourself, up a ramp, is probably not the best course of action).

For me personally, our big summer event was competing in the Rocky Mountain State Games (which we do every year) and staying at the Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs. For those of you who don't know what the Great Wolf Lodge is, think Water World meets the Children's museum meets Las Vegas. Essentially it is a giant hotel which seems like it was built by a five-year-old. There is not only a Dunkin Donuts inside but also a Ben & Jerry's plus a HUGE water park. Yep, like I said, built by a five-year-old. In our room we had bunk beds in some weird cave thing, there was a dance party in the lobby at 9 PM, and pretty much every adult I saw in the hotel was either buying something for their kids or spending money on an activity for their kids. (Hence the Las Vegas reference). That place was absolutely NUTS. Did I mention they have a huge water park INSIDE the hotel? Our girls basically walked into the hotel and that was the last time they wore regular clothes the whole time we were in the hotel. It was swimsuit and flip flop city.

The water park had a wave pool, slides, and tons of other activities for kids. Basically, all the adults sat in the middle of the water park and ate and the kids went nuts all over the place. I tried very hard to keep my principal hat off and let the lifeguard handle the miniature sprinters.

I was up early one morning and went through the lobby to go run at around 6 am and there was a line of sleepy looking Dads out the door of Dunkin Donuts. Some walking out with no less than seven BOXES of donuts. Who can eat that many donuts?

Lastly, we competed in Rock Climbing and Orienteering. We by no means are serious about either of those events but it sure was fun to compete. Speaking of serious, we went to watch the competitive air hockey competition (I'm not making this up) and people were stretching before their match. Yes stretching. Who stretches for air hockey? These people were really really serious about their sport. They had gloves, their custom paddle, and even knee pads. Whoa, that is a different level of air hockey than what I have ever seen. They were pretty good though, it was just hilarious to watch grown men jump around and talk smack to each other around air hockey. Priceless.

Well that is it for this week, we move to a new website here pretty soon so I am going to start adding some audio and video to my Chronicles. Keep things interesting. Have a great week and see you next time when the Principal Chronicles continue.


First Meeting: Our first meeting will be Monday, August 21st at 6:00pm at CTE. Please take note of the date change and we hope to see you at our first meeting where we will discuss goals for the year and events we have planned.

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Volunteer Opportunities: There are several volunteer opportunities available at CTE! Currently we are looking for someone to manage our King Soopers program, Restaurant Nights, and a new event that we'd like to bring to CTE - Trunk-or-Treat! Please look over all of our volunteer opportunities and let us know how you can help!

King Soopers Cards: If you shop at King Soopers and/or get gas at Loaf 'n Jug, the King Soopers card is a great way to support our school! It's a reloadable gift card that works just like cash. You load the gift card prior to making your purchases and then use it to complete your transaction. Every time you reload the card PSP receives 5% back. That's it! Each card comes loaded with $5 on it. Send in the form and $5, we will send a card home with your student, and then you can start using it!

Stallion Battalion: This is a new group just for dads at CTE! Dads, grandpas, uncles, step-dads, and father figures are welcome to join the Stallion Battalion. Members will volunteer their time and expertise to better our school. Want to join or learn more about it? Contact Derek Spohn.


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What: Running together with friends to maintain a healthy heart, body and lifestyle.
When: After school, Monday's and Wednesday's - August 28-Sept 25
Time: 3:30-4:15
Who: Open to all grades K-6 - plus parents and staff (they are free!)
Please register with THIS LINK then send in the fee of $20 to the school with your child. Contact Mrs. Whittingham for details.

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