8/27 - 8/31   Section 2 has art this week.  Students in all classes are finishing decorating their personal portfolio folders and will begin their first project for the year.

6th grade is starting out their legacy projects by doing inquiry walks around the building, searching for spaces and locations they may want to do their installation project in.  They are also observing prior 6th grade projects and  reflecting on ideas they may  get that build off previous work.  Students are also looking outside more this year, thinking in terms of outside art, and problem solving around spaces and areas that are inhospitable or unusable for students outside.  Stayed tuned as they start brainstorming and generating ideas and solutions! 

5th graders  this week are examining how artists get ideas, starting with  brainstorming lists of  what artists are inspired by, (events, memories, observation, people, animals, books, movies, ideas, etc.) 
Students will practice generating a work of their own art by picking a topic or subject off the list and will generating a variety of sketches and solutions for how to depict all that is important to them  by the end of the week

4th graders this week are examining the artist point of view - both how an artist thinks about a topic and the actual physical perspective they are taking in  presenting their topic (from above, below, looking out, looking in, looking around or looking inward).  
To help them focus on a physical perspective, they will brainstorm a class list of locations artists might do artwork about, (city, country, desert, ocean, home, outer space etc.) and then do a circle map adding details to what they might see, hear, touch, smell, or taste at their location and use those details to start prototyping initial sketches. 

3rd grader are examining how artists tell stories through their artwork.
Students will examine some works of art and reflecting on what kind of story they tell and how artist portrayed the details to tell their story.   They will choose a moment from a book, fairytale, movie, experience, memory or dream of their own and after doing a circle map to build details around the 5 senses, start prototyping a variety of sketches on how to best depict that moment.

2nd graders are examining the design principle of pattern and will be practicing designing and creating their own variety of patterns and designs doing practice work using colored pencils this week.  Their work this week is to help prepare them to go on to researching, designing and coloring their own Persian carpet using oil pastels.

1st graders are exploring using oil pastel to color rich and vibrant colors of concentric shapes that fill up four sections of colored construction paper.  They are learning to use  oil pastels to color things -"not with too little color, not with too much color, but with a just right amount of color" to help make their designs and shapes show up. They will later go on and make an collage out of all the paper designs they color while researching and learning about Wassily Kandinsky.. 

Kindergarteners are learning about how the art classroom works, where to sit, how to clean up, how to line up etc.  At the same time they have started an examination of lines, answering questions about "what kinds of lines are there?" and "where do they see lines in the world?" and "how can artists us what they know about lines to make good pictures?"