Important Information and Family Resources

Water Bottle Water Bottles:  
During Covid, it is important to send your child with their own water bottle(s), please label his or her water bottle. Drinking fountains are currently marked off to prevent cross-contamination and spread.

techTech Policy:
Students are allowed to bring their technology to Kids Center with the understanding that it will be limited.  Students are responsible for their technology and understand the risks of bringing it to Kids Center.  Screen time is used but on a limited basis. The terms of use are defined below:

Screen time includes:
TV, videos, YouTube, digital media, video games, mobile media, cell phones, the internet, and tablets.

Screen time is not for passive use or to replace:
 a. Active play
b. Engagement with other children
c. Interaction with adults

When screen time is used:
a. Teachers must preview
b. Only “G” and "PG" ratings permitted
c. Children’s interests are addressed
d. Director/Assistant Director must approve material
e. Children are given the choice of an alternative activity
f. The limit is 30 minutes per 4 hours

Meals and Snacks:
Please pack a healthy lunch, snacks and a water bottle

Tax ID:
You can find our Tax ID number in your Member Account.  Click on the Statement tile, then click on Year End Statement.  The Tax ID number will be on the top right corner.  

To file a complaint about the facility contact:

Colorado Department of Human Services
Division of Child Care
1575 Sherman Street
Denver CO  80203-1714
Phone: 303-866-5958 

Below are links and resources that may be of use to your family: