Welcome Back Stallions 2019

Welcome Back Stallions 2019
Posted on 08/08/2019
2019Welcome back for another school Stallions!!!

Please welcome these new staff members to the Cherokee Trail and Chap Families!

First Grade - Emily Scott

Third Grade - Amanda Scofield

Sixth Grade - Joey Bartuska

Sixth Grade - Leighann Browne

Mild/Moderate Needs - Lynette Fernando

SLP - Kim Hernandez

ESL - Darlene Beaton

SSN EA - Jessie Matheis (full-time)

SSN EA - Cheryl Callahan (part-time)

Staff members who have changed positions:

Professional Learning Specialist - Ashley Jakubowski

Full-day kindergarten - Ahna Briese

Full-day kindergarten - Michelle Hegre 4-6th Grade Classroom EA - Jenny Jahner

4-6th Grade Classroom EA - Audrey Beckman
Photo: Lisa Loomer