CTE Picks Weekly EPIC Ticket Winners

CTE Picks Weekly EPIC Ticket Winners
Posted on 04/19/2018
EPIC ticket drum

Has your student been one of CTE's weekly EPIC ticket winners? If so, he/she has been recognized on the Friday morning announcements! Visit our YouTube channel and watch them proudly recount the story of "what did you get your EPIC ticket for?".

Visit our EPIC page on the CTE website to learn all about CTE's quest to be EPIC. Here are a few excerpts: At Cherokee Trail, we focus on four traits; teaching and fostering them in our classrooms in order to create learners that are strong both academically and socially. They are:




Courage (and Respect)

Students receive an EPIC sticker from a staff member when they show any one or more of the traits. The student fills out a ticket with his/her name on it along with the reason why the sticker was earned. The student is then able to take it down to the office to put it in the ticket drum. One ticket from each grade level is drawn for the week and those students are recognized on announcements.