Stallion Spotlight - Ms. Humphries' 1st grade

Stallion Spotlight - Ms. Humphries' 1st grade
Posted on 03/07/2018
humphries chain project
Ms. Humphries explains: "We celebrated our 120th day of school because it is a huge milestone for first graders. One of our goals in math is that each first grader can count to 120. I decided to set a challenge for my students which included collaboration and communication and that all aligned with our goal of counting to 120. The challenge was to make a chain think to go across the room that had 120 links. I had my students do a rotation during this time so each student got to participate and add a couple of links to the chain.
What was great about this activity is that the kids were constantly counting and checking their work - which is exactly what I wanted to see and have them do! Each group counted the amount of chains that they had done so they could express it to the next group who would chain more links on. I was very impressed by the amount of persistence and preciseness of these little ones. In the end, we came up with a chain that was 120 links long and they were able to finish that within minutes of finishing our rotations!"

Winter M., Thomas Y., Kylie O. add: "We're making a chain for our 120th day - we're going to have 120 links ... let's start counting and see how many we have!"