Stallion Spotlight - Mrs. Tyler's 6th grade

Stallion Spotlight - Mrs. Tyler's 6th grade
Posted on 03/01/2018
tyler's 6th grade

Mrs. Tyler's 6h grade class is focusing on Environmental Issues. They will be having various guest speakers come in and talk to them about different topics and they will be working to find solutions for environmental problems. Ray, from the Colorado Beekeeper's Association, focused on explaining the benefits of bees and what we can do to support them as their population is declining.

Here is what some of the students had to say about the visit:

"After today's presentation about bees I feel a little bit better about them. There are many interesting facts about bees. I am still afraid of them but I'm a little more chill." - Olive P.

"I enjoyed the presentation about bees a lot because I learned a ton about different types of bees and what they do. [for example] ... how they interact with humans and other animals". - Brady F.

"I really like bee keeper Ray and his partner's presentation on bees! [it] was interesting and fastenating and much more ... because a lot of the things that they ... showed was stuff I have never seen before like that big bee. The presentation was amazing!! I learned a lot and it was fun."