Stallion Spotlight - Mr. Barton's 5th grade in art

Stallion Spotlight - Mr. Barton's 5th grade art
Posted on 03/15/2018
barton 5th grade artMr. Barton explains that he shared a slideshow with the 5th graders about a variety of sculpture types, and asked them to select a style through which to create a subject of their own choosing. The materials available were foam, foil, hot glue, and paper mache.

Olivia J., one of the 5th grade students explains: "In art we are working on sculptures. We are working on different types of sculptures like ones that move, animals, and imaginary ones. Some of us a are working on paper mache'ing, some still sculpting. We are using aluminum foil, foam, and oil clay. We really enjoy working on these types of projects and seeing how they turn out!!"

"It didn't work at first but I tried and I got it!" - Claire C.

"I got knocked down but I got up again" - Kaili N.

"It looked bad but I persevered and now it looks great" - Olivia J.