Stallion Spotlight - 1st grade Author Visit

Stallion Spotlight - 1st grade Author Visit
Posted on 03/29/2018
author cohn

On Tuesday, March 27th, the 1st grade classes had a special visit from local author, Arlen Cohn, who is a Parker resident.  His two daughters attended Cherokee Trail the very first year CTE opened (in 1989!). Mr. Cohn read two of his books Solar System SOS and Dino2News. The 1st graders had a chance to read his book Friends of a Feather before his visit.

Mr. Cohn had a wonderful visit and said, "That was the best group of 1st graders I've ever read to."

The 1st graders asked Mr. Cohn many questions such as "How long does it take to write a book?", "How are the books made?", and "Who drew the pictures in your books?". Mr. Cohn said that his publisher matched his stories with several great artists, one also being a Parker resident. He explained to the kids that it takes a whole team of people who work together to produce a book, and the teamwork is very important.

Mr. Cohn engaged the students' imaginations and asked them questions such as "Who likes to read?", "Who likes to write?", "Who likes to draw?". He told the students he loves to write but stinks at drawing. As they go through life, they may be good at one thing and maybe not another but that's ok!!  He asked the students, "How long do you think it takes to have a story made into a book?". There were a lot of great guesses and he told them it takes about 2 years. One student asked if Mr. Cohn makes money from his books - he answered, "Yes but not enough to quit my job!!"

After Mr. Cohn read Solar System SOS, he said, "the message of this book is very similar to the message you have on the rock in the front of the school "Take Care of One Another."