CTE - STEAM Day #6

CTE - STEAM Day #6
Posted on 05/17/2018
STEAM DayTwice per school year CTE students host parents and fellow students to share their STEAM Day projects. Classes use the Design Thinking framework to move through the process of solving a problem - STEAM Day is a showcase of those ideas which started with identifying a problem and culminated in a tested prototype.
Students have the opportunity to practice presentation skills as they explain their projects to fellow students, teachers, and parents.
What a wonderful way to showcase all the great learning at CTE!!

Kindergarteners in Mrs. Hegre's class share information about India. 1st graders in Ms. Humphries' class grow plants from a variety of seeds: pumpkin, sunflower, basil, marigold, and bean. 2nd graders in Mrs. Dreith's class explore the 3 layers of ocean life (sunlight, twilight, and midnight) and the creatures which live in each. 3rd graders in Mrs. Briese's class learn about homelessness and are working to inform people - this board game has facts associated with each roll of the die - they hope the more people are informed, the more will be moved into donating money, food, or time. 4th graders in Mr. Major's class tackle the problems of traveling to Mars - each group investigated one of the various systems required for Mars travel: habitat, transportation, food supply, etc. 5th graders in Ms. Levine's class explored human diseases and conditions - this student took inspiration from his younger brother who is on the Autism spectrum and researched facts in order to create a kit for sensory regulation (tested successfully on his brother). 6th graders in Mrs. Duncan's class explore ideas in the areas of humanities, health and wellness, and the environment - after having visited the Special Olympics Unified program at Sierra MS, this group proposed a new branch of adaptive activity called Unified Art - an alternative for people with an intellectual disability who may not be interested or able to play adaptive sports.