The Stallion Scoop: 22Sep16

The Stallion Scoop: 22Sep16
Posted on 09/22/2016
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The Principal Chronicles continue (Homecoming parade/Outdoor Ed Edition) ... For the first time in the history of Cherokee Trail, we were invited to participate in the homecoming parade at Chaparral High School. Going into this we truly had no idea what to expect. We went out and purchased $100 worth of candy and sent out some communication about who can walk with us and which staff members would join us. Let me say right here and now, we TOTALLY underestimated the entire experience! We ran out of candy about 400 feet from the start of the parade even though we talked with everyone about rationing their candy. Also the parade itself was super long; it seemed like we walked nearly 3 miles and at one point I was worried Mr. Barton was going to blow out his shoulder from throwing so much candy. Next year we are going to upgrade our experience 100%: we are going to make a float, quadruple the amount of candy we bring, and I think we are going to prototype a candy cannon (to save Mr. Barton of course). Oh yes, we are also going to bring a bunch of dog bones. Overall, we had a ton of fun and can't wait until next year.

Now for the moment that some, if not all of you, have been waiting for. OUTDOOR ED!! This year my calendar was pretty clear so I was able to head down a lot earlier than I have ever been able to do in the past. I have to say, the people at Stone Mountian take really good care of us and do a very very good job with the kids. Yesterday we saw students shooting arrows (a certain little girl tapped into her inner Katniss Everdeen and nailed a can off of a target, coolest thing I have seen in a while), fishing for "water spider thingys" which I don't think is its scientific name but fun none the less, and taking nature and turning it into art. It is always so fun to see the students in a different element.

After some of their first classes we broke for dinner - the students had meatballs and mashed potatoes. I think several of the boys broke the land speed record for most meatballs consumed in a short amount of time. After dinner, we had some teacher time, and I went and hung out with Mrs. Duncan's class. Even though, Mrs. Duncan had some pretty cool activities planned, I asked to have a few minutes to do a design thinking challenge with the kids. Since we were in a place where they tend to frown on wasting consumable art supplies, I decided to have the kids remove their shoes and try to prototype building the tallest shoe tower with groups of four. Of course, the idea in my head sounded WAY better than the actual project. The one factor that I didn't think about you ask?? Yep, that would be the smell of 31 pairs of shoes that had been walked in and sweated in for the last 11 hours. Whoa, to say it was pungent in there is about as gross of understatement as there is. The kids did a great job and had fun, but boy were we ready for the night hike.

Once outside, we looked at stars, tested our senses, and got an upclose view of Mars and Saturn. It was super fun, and how often do you get to see all of those stars? I always think the kids are going to be scared of the dark but they never are. After the hike it was time for bed. The kids were wiped out and we had a big day ahead planned.

This morning we were up and going first thing. Of course we stayed up really late talking with the camp leaders because we only see them once a year (Mrs. Duncan also saw a bug so that increased the time before we could all go to bed). The activity we had this morning was the high ropes which are my absolute favorite. I love love love seeing the kids overcoming their fear to reach new heights - literally.

As always I had to come back to work and it's hard to leave. The kids are a ton of fun to hang out with but there are lots of things to do here. Can't wait for next year.

That is it for this week, stay tuned for next week's episode of the Principal Chronicles...


5th Annual Fun Run: Monday our students sat in on an assembly about this year's Fun Run, which will be Tuesday, September 27th. They were so excited to hear about how they can help their school raise funds and all the amazing prizes they can get as a school & individually after the Fun Run! This year we hope to raise money to support the purchase of technology for our primary grades, award teacher grants during our monthly PSP meetings, and purchase a Raptor Security System for our front office.
Students can raise money by asking sponsors to give a flat donation or a donation per lap. If you have family & friends who do not live in the area they can still give online! Go to Click on the “My Pledges” tab to see you student’s online totals and “Parent Login” to send emails to family and friends. User Name: Cherokee / Password: Stallions.
We encourage parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles to come cheer on the students! If you will be there, join in the fun and sign up to mark laps for your student and their classmates. Thank you for all your support of our annual Fun Run!

PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES - 3-6Oct16 - visit this link to sign up for parent/teacher conferences.
1. no log-in required!
2. just click on the teacher's name - use the Register for Multiple Conferences link if you want to find a common time for all of your students
3. chose the date of conference
4. chose the time of conference - click Sign Up
5. fill in the required information
6. click Sign Up for your Conference at the bottom
7. optional - use the Add to my Personal Calendar link

Please contact Anna Hylton with any questions.

Berry Blenz smoothies will be on sale at the fun run for $4.00 each. 20% of the sales goes back to the PE program. There will be 2 flavors to choose from.


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