The Stallion Scoop: 20Oct16

The Stallion Scoop: 20Oct16
Posted on 10/20/2016
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The Principal Chronicles continues.... Fall break has come and gone and we move into another short stretch until Thanksgiving break. Despite the students being gone all week, I still had my fair share of fun and excitement to deal with during the break. Luckily nothing too serious but there is never a dull moment around here.

We did end up going to Estes Park to visit my parents. It is really beautiful up there and truly peaceful but pretty packed in the downtown area. This time, the whole kit and caboodle came up with me, so that always makes for a more interesting trip. First of all, when I go up to visit my parents I hardly ever go downtown since I have been about a million times, but since we brought up the girls we decided to go through the main shopping district. I realized a couple of things about the main street in Estes: number one, you could literally gain about thirty pounds if you ate at the fifty million fudge/candy apple/ ice cream stores that are seriously about 15 feet apart from one another! - second, you can essentially start a t-shirt selling business by simply having four walls and some hangers. We also noticed that if you resemble any sort of wildlife in any way, people will gather around you in very close proximity simply to watch you eat and go to the bathroom. It was unbelievable. Of course, we are a bit spoiled since we spend a lot of time in Estes, so we see wildlife a lot.

The only other thing we did over break was visit the corn maze over by Chatfield reservoir. Now if you have some disposable income lying around that you can't seem to find a use for and are willing to throw away, then the corn maze might be just the thing you are looking for. After we dropped about $50 just to get in we were welcomed to an extremely windy and fairly dirty jumping pillow. Actually I am a little unsure jumping and pillow should be the two words to describe what our girls did. Of course, if they were about four, the jumping pillow would be awesome, but since they are 9 and 11 they were bored after about seven minutes. Plus I think they rocket bounced about three kids off the jumping pillow. So we moved on to the maze itself (keep in mind that we were only about three notches below an F4 tornado that day). As we started in the maze, I could tell that Renee was definitely not into orienteering nor was she excited about finding six creepy looking caricatures of animals. I looked at my watch and figured we would have about fifteen minutes before the wheels came off of our journey and we would be trapped in a super windy rendition of Children of the Corn (or as my oldest calls it, Children on the Cob). Sure enough, at right about the 15 minute mark, I looked at Renee and got the "this is stupid and we need to go right now" look (not my favorite look but somehow I seem to see that look a lot at many things I enjoy doing). The only issue was that we needed to extract ourselves from the maze. As we began our journey out, the rule "no cutting across the corn" was basically ignored despite my many protests. I felt like a total cheater and wouldn't make eye contact with any other person we saw in the maze. Finally we found our way out and made a wind-aided bee line straight for the car. I'll bet you'll never guess what I heard when we finally made it to the car. Yep, you guessed it, "That was stupid and what a waste of money" (note to self- bypass the corn maze next year).

That is it for this week's edition of the Principal Chronicles. Tune in next week when I aimlessly ramble on about such exciting topics as the carpool change and what we did over Thanksgiving. See you next time when the Principal Chronicles continue ...


StuCo's Thanksgiving Dinner Food Drive
Beginning October 24, CTE's student council will be collecting food and monies for Parker Task Force's Thanksgiving Dinner Food Drive. StuCo will be holding a contest at school: the grade level donating the most food will win a movie and popcorn party. Below are the items we will be collecting. The numbers indicate how many of each item are needed to feed a family of 5-6. If you'd like to donate monies, the cost of a meal is about $50. You are welcome to donate gift cards or make checks payable to the Parker Task Force. We are hoping to donate more than 50 dinners to the Task Force.

Frozen turkey (over 10 lbs)
Butter (1 lb)
Dinner rolls (12+)
Pie (2)
Cool whip (1)
Aluminum turkey pan (1)
Stuffing (2)
Potatoes (2 boxes or 5 lbs)
Gravy, packets or jars (2)
Canned green beans (6)
​Canned mushroom soup (2)
Canned sweet potatoes (1 lg. or 2 med)
Canned fruit (2)
Cranberry sauce​ (2)

Thanks for your generosity!


Restaurant Night: Join us at Freddy's in Parker Thursday, October 27th from 4:00pm - 8:00pm for our first restaurant night of the school year! Let them know you are there to support CTE when you pay and we will receive a percentage of the profits. All proceeds will benefit Teacher Grants that are offered every month at PSP meetings.

Spirit Wear: Reminder that you can order CTE Spirit Wear at any time online and show your CTE pride! Now that the weather is getting colder your child may want a new sweatshirt or sweatpants! Orders place are filled within two weeks and will be delivered to your child at CTE.

Fun Run: Thank you so much for all your support of our annual Fun Run! We reached our goal and the students were all able to enjoy prize day this week! All funds raised will be used to support the needs at our school.

Butter Braids: Butter Braid order forms should go home this week in Thursday folders. This is merely a service we provide based on the requests of our community and you are under no obligation to sell them! Order forms are due Nov. 3rd and Butter Braids will be delivered Nov. 11th.

Monthly PSP Meeting: The October PSP meeting is canceled. We will reconveneTuesday, Nov. 29th at 6:00pm.

After School Tennis Lessons - Tuesday's After School
3:30-4:45 for 6 weeks - 2nd session
10/18, 10/25, 11/1, 11/15, 11/29, 12/6
Fee:$112.00 (free and reduced fee discount available)
Click HERE to REGISTER or click here to find out more about the program

After School Dance Class - For Girls and Boys
Monday's 3:30-4:30
Session 1 - Hip Hop
$162 for 9 weeks
Enroll online Click HERE
Click on ALL Class Types and Search Cherokee Trail

CHAPARRAL SWEET STREET: DECA is hosting our 10th annual Sweet Street on Saturday October 29thfrom 5-6:30 pm! Sweet Street is a fun and safe event hosted for kids around the Chaparral community, where kids can trick-or-treat through the halls of Chaparral, play games, and win prizes! (flyer)



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