The Stallion Scoop: 19Jan17

The Stallion Scoop: 19Jan17
Posted on 01/19/2017
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The Principal Chronicles continue ...So finally I am back at school after spending 10 days in LA for the MLS Combine. It was a long trip and it rained every single day we were there but in the end, it is always good to come home. Of course, the trip home was a bit of an adventure.

So the MLS draft concluded around 3:30 PM on Friday the 13th. (Note the date as it is somewhat ironic given the fun and excitement I was about to endure). My flight left at 7 so I decided to head straight to the airport because I had to return our rental car. 90 minutes and 7 whole miles later, I stepped into LAX. (I have a 45-minute drive into work every day but it's NOTHING compared to sitting on the highway in the same spot for 30 minutes, I actually started counting the trash on the side of the highway). When I got to the ticket counter I noticed my flight was delayed and now took off at 8:15. (I don't want to throw a certain airline under the bus (rhymes with schmelta) but I travel quite a bit and every time I fly this particular airline, something goes wrong. So I cleared security and headed to my gate where I was hoping to get something to eat and hang out until my flight left.

As I was walking down the terminal I noticed a lot of crabby people and thought that was a bit odd but then I stopped by the bathroom. When I walked in there were about 5 LAX workers in there messing around with the water. The one guy turns to me and says that I can go, but don't flush since the water is broken. (Super) What didn't dawn on me until I exited the bathroom was the fact that when said water is broken not a whole lot works. The restaurant I went to was closed (guess what? no water), then I went to get a drink of water (guess what? no water). Essentially, the only thing to eat was pre-packaged food which was essentially gone since?? (yep, no water) The only thing to drink was bottled water or soda which was essentially gone because??? (no water). So the whole crabby people thing mentioned earlier, now made perfect sense.

So here I am sitting at the gate waiting for my flight to leave (which is now even more delayed than before) starving and bored. So I did what any other American individual would do, played on my cell phone. (this will become important later).

Finally, I get on the plane a mere two hours after it was supposed to take off, ready to finally get home. In flight, I was really looking forward to some water and possibly some snacks but the flight attendant only went down half the aisle before she decided that no one else on the flight deserved any food or water. She just rolled the cart into the back and never came back through. Even when people buzzed for a flight attendant, no one came. (awesome). We touched down in Denver at 12:30 AM and I got off the plane, drank about a gallon of water and went to get my bag. After getting my bag I walked out to my car. As I was approaching my car I clicked the unlock button, nothing happened. Clicked it again, nothing happened. (This can't be good). When I reached my car, it was dead. Not just partially dead, totally dead. I manually unlocked the door and tried to unlock all of my doors, no luck. I tried to start my car, no luck. So here I am at now 1:15 AM with a non-functioning car. Just call Uber you say? Guess what else is dead? My cell phone that I played on in the airport. (super) After shoving my suitcase in the back seat (since I can't manually open my back door-a flaw that was never apparent before this night) I headed back into the terminal to find some sort of assistance. Luckily, I found two DIA workers in the parking lot and they agreed to give me a jump. They pulled along side my car and we got set to hook up the cables. Now when they pulled into the space next to me they left about 3 centimeters between the two vehicles and since I had to manually open the doors and get my jumper cables out of the back I had to pass through that tiny little gap five times. Normally this isn't a big deal but keep in mind that I am wearing a suit (9 hours ago I was at draft) and both my car and the workers truck were extremely dirty. So when I finally got my car started my pants, shirt and suit jacket were covered in dirt, mud, and other airport garage grossness.

Before I left I thanked the guys who helped me and told them a bit about my day and how it was funny that it was Friday the 13th. His reply actually gave me a pretty good perspective on the whole situation. He said "It isn't Friday the 13th anymore, it's Saturday the 14th". (Good call DIA worker man, good call).

Final home arrival time - 2:04 AM.

That's it for this week's edition. Stay tuned for next week when I ramble on about useless and mildly amusing things. Until next time when the Principal Chronicles continues....


All School Dance: Our annual All School Dance will be Friday, January 27th from 6:00pm - 8:00pm. This is always a fun-filled night for our entire school and our staff! Entrance into the dance is FREE. Students must come accompanied by an adult. Concessions will be sold and other goodies! Parents, if you're going to attend, please consider lending a hand to make this night run smoothly. This is also an event when we can use student volunteers and they will receive community service hours.

Restaurant Night: Save the date for our next restaurant nights at Lil' Ricci's, January 26th, 27th, & 28th. More information will come home next week!

CTE Car Decal: CTE car decals are new this year with our brand new logo! Some of you received one at the beginning of the year when you signed up for a PSP Membership. If you would like to order a decal separately fill out the form and send it in with your student along with payment. We love seeing the CTE decals around town!



Jump Rope for Heart is coming to our school! You can get a “jump start” by fundraising online at
All Students who raise $150 before the upcoming American Heart Association Kick-Off will be recognized at the event and receive Gabby, one of our Zoo Crew plush characters!
KICK-OFF DATE: Wednesday, January 25th


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