The Stallion Scoop: 7Mar19

The Stallion Scoop: 7Mar19
Posted on 03/07/2019
stallion scoop


  • P/T CONFERENCES / YEARBOOK PHOTOS (deadline 25Mar19)

STALLION SPOTLIGHT - get to know more about our amazing activities!

5th grade geometry

See how the 5th graders of Ms. Levine's, Mrs. Tyler's, and Ms. Ranieri's used their geometry lessons to study our playground!

Read the full story here.

STAFF CHAT - THE PRINCIPAL'S PODCAST Mr. Miller has posted a podcast for his weekly Staff Chat. Each podcast is available on CTE's YouTube channel - please subscribe and never miss any of the fun! Each week he will have a short interview with one of our staff members. Please enjoy the latest episode of season 2 with Jessica Ranieri, 5th grade teacher.

PSP NEWS Yearbook Orders: It's that time of year to order a yearbook if you haven't done so already! Order forms are coming home this week and are due with payment March 5th. Contact us if you have any questions. Box Tops: Way to go, CTE! You clipped enough Box Tops to raise approximately $1000 for our school! Congratulations to Mrs. Reynolds' class for winning the week 4 reward of 10 extra minutes of recess! Congratulations to Mr. Major's class for winning the overall award! Start clipping Box Tops for next year! Restaurant Day: Mark your calendar for the next restaurant day at Papa John's in Parker, March 7th. Order from Papa John's (720-851-6000) anytime that day during their business hours of 10:00am - 11:00pm and we will receive a portion of sales. Make sure you let them know you are ordering to support CTE!

Open to Grades 3 - 6 - SIGN UP HERE! now open to 3rd grade as well! Start your morning with some mindfulness and see your life change (flyer). Tuesday and Thursday Mornings - 8:10 - 8:30 AM 
In Mrs. Dunker’s 4th Grade Classroom
FROM TECH - ANNA HYLTON  PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES - 11-15Mar19 - visit this link to sign up for parent/teacher conferences. 1. n
o log-in required! 2. just click on the teacher's name - use the Register for Multiple Conferences link if you want to find a common time for all of your students 3. chose the date of conference 4. chose the time of conference - click Sign Up 5.fill in the required information 6. click Sign Up for your Conference at the bottom 7. optional - use the Add to my Personal Calendar link

Please contact Anna Hylton with any questions. CALLING ALL PHOTOS FOR THE YEARBOOK!

Please submit any/all photos of CTE events for the 2018-19 yearbook (class parties, assemblies, field trips, etc.)

The deadline for submissions is 25Mar19 - here are 3 easy ways to submit photos: 1. use the HerfJones portal (from your computer or from the app) go to the website: * use the school code: cteyearbook * complete the form and start submitting! * for iPhone and Droid users, the eShare App! (search: "Herff Jones eShare") 2. email photos to Anna Hylton 3. send a flash drive to school with your student (labeled drives will be returned)


Our Dino-Mite Book Fair arrives March 11th - 15th! Open During Conferences Late Nights: Tuesday & Thursday until 7:30 pm Find Books for Spring Break and Summer Reading! SILLY STRING STOMPDOWN We will be raising funds for the charity "ALL FOR BOOKS" with a bone-chompin' Silly String Stompdown unlike the Dinosaur Age has ever seen! Donate fifty cents for each raffle ticket for an opportunity to win a spot on the student team. Thanks to the support of our PSP, we have MORE OPPORTUNITIES TO WIN THIS YEAR! We will have 2 teams (K-2 and 3-6) and 36 Winning Student Tickets will be drawn against a staff of 6 per team. The more you donate, the more opportunities to win a spot on the team! A flyer will be coming home in Thursday folders with full details, along with the donation slip with ziploc bag. ROAR, we need you! Be sure to let Mrs. Nottingham know at Karen Nottingham, at 303.387.8136 (library) OR sign up online at our Book Fair Sign Up.
Check out our CTE Dino-Mite Book Fair Home Page for all our event details. So burnish your flame-throwing and stomp on down to our Book Fair.  Thanks for helping our students know that Books are Dino-Mite!

MARCH COUNSELOR'S CORNER - JANE STIENER Handwriting Helper Does your youngster have trouble with handwriting? Here’s a way to practice two important skills: controlling a pencil and forming letters. You’ll need a pencil, a small piece of clay, and tracing paper. First, have your child hold a pencil like she does when she writes. Next, put a piece of clay in the area where she grips the pencil. Mold the clay to fit her fingers. The grip will make the pencil feel more comfortable and help keep it from slipping. Then, find or draw pictures of common things, such as a house, bike, car, or tree. Print the names of the items under the pictures. Have your youngster trace the outline of each picture and the letters in its name on the tracing paper. *From 2008 Resources for Educators, a division of Aspen Publishers, Inc. Visit these sites for more information:


Counselors for Prevention Healthy Teen Series is hosting another fantastic presentation in the Parker area! Dr. Stacey Ludlow is a pediatrician who has had a career-long passion for and over 25 years experience in treating ADHD. During her 20 years in a private pediatrics practice in Tulsa, Oklahoma, she became the sole provider of the ADHD evaluations and medication management, and received referrals for her services from other providers in the community. After moving to Denver last year, she opened ADHD Specialists of Colorado, a practice 100% dedicated to helping children of all ages and their families with the management of ADHD. Her approach is highly individualized and integrative, combining medication as well as complimentary treatments. She is looking forward to sharing her insights with parents, teachers and students at her upcoming Healthy Teen Series presentation! This event is Wednesday March 16th 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM @ Parker Library. Click here to register!  Please see the flyer for details.

Lost and Found All items in our lost and found will be on display in the lobby beginning Monday, March 4th. Anything not claimed by March 15th at 4pm will be donated to a local charity. Happy hunting! CMAS Testing - Colorado’s State-Mandated Test Parents, here is a link to the practice tests for CMAS. All Cherokee Trail students in 3rd-6th grades will take the Math and ELA (English/Language Arts) portions of the test. 5th grade students will also take Science. On April 9th-11th grades 3-6 will take the English Language Arts portion of the assessment in the morning. The following week, April 16th-18th, grades 3-6 will take Math in the morning. During that week, 5th graders will take the Science portion in the afternoons. For more information on CMAS testing here is a link to the Colorado Department of Education. All things CMAS reside on this website. CTE’s CMAS schedules are on our school website. Conferences We are excited for conferences next week. Please be sure to sign up for a conference using your classroom teacher’s link. Teachers take great delight in the successes of our students...students’ success is our success. Our partnership with parents is crucial to the development of productive human beings who make a positive impact on our society. Thank you for that partnership and thank you for attending conferences!
What's Happening at CTE (calendar) 
7 MAR 8:10 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings w/Mrs. Dunker
3:30 - 4:15pm Film Club - Library
4 - 8pm Restaurant Night: Papa Johns
11 MAR All day Conference Week
All day STOMP CHOMP & READ Book Fair
12 MAR All day Conference Week
All day STOMP CHOMP & READ Book Fair
8:10 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings w/Mrs. Dunker
13 MAR All day Conference Week
All day STOMP CHOMP & READ Book Fair
7:45 - 8:30am Student Council
14 MAR All day Conference Week
All day Pi Day! (3.14)
All day STOMP CHOMP & READ Book Fair
8:10 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings w/Mrs. Dunker
3:30 - 4:15pm Film Club - Library
15 MAR All day Conference Week
All day STOMP CHOMP & READ Book Fair
18 MAR All day Spring Break
19 MAR All day Spring Break
20 MAR All day Spring Break
21 MAR All day Spring Break
22 MAR All day Spring Break
26 MAR 8:10 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings w/Mrs. Dunker
2:15 - 3:15pm PSP Meeting
27 MAR 7:45 - 8:30am Student Council
10:20 - 10:50am Chap Wish Week Assembly
28 MAR 8:10 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings w/Mrs. Dunker
3:30 - 4:15pm Film Club - Library
3:45 - 4:45pm TGA Tennis - Blacktop
29 MAR All day Chap Wish Week CTE-Staff Calendar
2:45 - 3:15pm Wish Week Reveal

The Principal Chronicles continue ... The big news at the Miller ranch this week was the arrival of our new treadmill. As many of my loyal readers know, exercise is a huge deal in our house. In fact, it is such a big deal, we have a large set of barbells and weights in our garage, plus a treadmill, plus a membership at a CrossFit gym, and we frequently enter running races. So when your significant other gets a large bonus from her job, you do what our family does - buy a new treadmill. I know what you are thinking. Do we need a second treadmill? Well, no, but the one we have doesn't work that well (I cannot confirm nor deny whether I broke the other treadmill while running on it at a high rate of speed - shhhh!). Having said that, those advertising geniuses at Peloton conveniently placed a demo location right smack dab in the middle of Park Meadows Mall so, of course, when we were there at Christmas we "had" to stop by and try it out. Of course, it was awesome, of course, my two girls loved it, of course, our bank account hated it, but eventually, we caved and purchased the treadmill. For those of you not familiar with Peloton, think Orange Theory at your house minus those strange water rowers. First thing we had to do was figure out where on Earth we were going to put that beast. We are tall people and the treadmill is big, so really, the only place to put it was in our main family room. For those of you who remember, the main family room is where my oldest's rabbit lives and hops around. Treadmills and rabbits don't necessarily work well together, so we essentially had to rearrange our entire family room. Some families rearrange for couches or decorating, we rearrange for treadmills. So the treadmill came last Friday. Holy Cow it's awesome! There is a huge screen and all kinds of cool classes. In addition, I might have forced my youngest into doing a couch to 5K series. Maybe. Either way, our entire family has been using this thing but I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be the only one using it in a couple of months from now. Just sayin' ... That is it for this week - happy almost Spring. Stay tuned for next time when the Principal Chronicles continue ...


  • Rosie's Ranch - Summer Horseback Riding - flyer 
  • 2019 Chaparral Volleyball Summer Camps - flyer 
  • Drawing Classes from Young Rembrandts - flyer
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  • Douglas County Parenting Coalition - free programs flyer 
  • Strategic Kids Chess at CTE 
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  • Chaparral Wrestling Club - flyer
  • after school Spanish at CTE


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