The Stallion Scoop: 23Aug18

The Stallion Scoop: 23Aug18
Posted on 08/23/2018
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PSP NEWS Spirit Wear: Want to show your CTE pride? Order CTE Spirit Wear online from a local company and it will be delivered to your student's classroom in two weeks. Volunteer Opportunities: We would love to have you join the PSP team in supporting our school! PSP is responsible for the community events at CTE, as well as sponsoring the fundraisers that help fill the financial gaps at our school. Please complete the form to let us know what you are interested in helping with and email us with any questions. PSP Membership & Yearbook Order: Become a supporter of PSP, order your yearbook, and get a CTE Stallion decal! Complete the form, attach payment, and send it to the CTE office. Restaurant Day/Night: Papa John's in Parker is hosting our first restaurant day/night this school year on Thursday, August 23rd. When you place an order anytime during their business hours, 10:30am - 10:00pm, and let them know you are supporting CTE we will receive a portion of the sales. Look for a flyer in Thursday folders. Thank you for supporting our school!

i-Ready is an interactive online learning tool that helps students build essential skills in reading and mathematics. It is replacing STAR at Cherokee Trail.

i-Ready starts with an online diagnostic test that students take in class to identify the specific skills each student needs to develop and measure academic growth through the school year. It also provides students with personalized online instruction and gives teachers guidance on how they can best support the needs of each and every student. i-Ready is CTE's READ Act assessment too. 

Choir is open to all 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th grade students and runs from late September through mid February. It’s a great way for your kids to meet new friends, be part of a collaborative group, learn more about choral music and have a fun time! Our rehearsals will run on Thursday mornings from 7:45am till 8:30am. We will be working toward performing 3 concerts…two in December, then the Chaparral Feeder Area Choir Concert in February. MORE INFO COMING HOME SOON FROM MR. ANDERSON!


Safety First! * HERE are some great ways to ensure your student's safety while traveling to school! * Thanks for your support following our first Evacuation Drill. The students did an awesome job!

Please mark your calendars now for Walk To School Day on September 27th. What a great time to find the best walking route to school and to enjoy the outdoors on your way to and from school. Academic Excellence

Our teachers are currently gathering baseline data in Reading and Math through our new district wide assessment, iReady. Over the next few weeks students will be writing to prompts for teachers to determine next steps in writing instruction and student learning. We are planning to have an exceptional year of academic growth! Student Council

StuCo applications are available in the office. Completed applications are due no later than noon on August 31st.

The Principal Chronicles continue ... Even though we have only been back at school for 8 days it seems as though we are already in the routine and back in action as if we had never left. We are starting to get into the good part of school where the rules and routines are in place and the learning can begin. I'm so excited to see what our staff can do with our kids. On the home front things seem to be as busy as ever. My youngest started middle school and my oldest is in her last year of middle school. If you see my hair either start to fall out or begin to turn grey this year, all of you will know why. This past weekend was my oldest's ice skating competition. She loves it but holy cow do you have to wait around for a long time before anything happens! In fact, that was my theme for Sunday: waiting around. Our Sunday started before the sun came up, which should never happen on a Sunday, but what can you do? My oldest needed to be there super early so she could get makeup, and hair, and basically look like she is 35 years old. Guess what I did during that time? Yep, sat around and waited. Then she did the first portion of her competition (all one minute and thirty seconds of it) only to wait an additional 45 minutes to see where she placed. Then we had to wait for pictures and the medal ceremony. Then we waited for the second portion of her competition which lasted about three minutes. Luckily I was released from waiting at the ice skating rink so I could run over to Snooze and (you guessed it) wait for a table. 62 minutes later my family arrived right when we were able to sit down. First thing out of our waitress' mouth? "The kitchen is backed up so you may have to wait for your food". Super. 75 minutes later we finally left Snooze and I took both girls to the mall for back to school shopping. I decided this year that the girls were going to make a list of what they needed and what they wanted for school. I gave them both a set amount of money and told them to meet me in the food court in an hour. My thought process was for them to figure out that the clothes they "want" are super expensive, and just the same as the clothes they "need", and by the end of my little experiment they would both appreciate the value of money. Well after an hour was up you can guess what I was doing. Yep waiting. I got a text from them saying they needed thirty more minutes. Then I received another text saying they needed another thirty minutes because they wanted to get a Chai Tea. Instantly, I headed over there because I knew exactly which money they wanted to spend. When I arrived, sure enough they thought I was going pay for these teas with the money I gave them earlier. After some correcting, they pulled out their own money and I went out to (you guessed it) wait for them. 28 minutes later they emerged with their teas and stated that they NEEDED to go into the candy store before we left. I agreed but I have no idea why I agreed. 21 minutes later, I had reached my mall threshold and went in to get the girls. I had had enough of the mall, Snooze, and the ice rink to last me for a good while. I was wiped out on my way home even though I really didn't do much all day but stand around and wait. That is it for this weeks edition. Essentially a rambling edition of the Principal Chronicles. Stay tuned for next week when I will most likely ramble on about something else but hopefully it will be funnier than this week. See you next time when the Principal Chronicles continues....



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