Mrs. Nottingham

Cherokee Trail Elementary Library
Exemplary Level Collection Rating
2022, 2023

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Welcome to Cherokee Trail's Library! I am beginning my 12th year as the Teacher Librarian at CTE. Students will be welcomed back to a refreshed and updated space this fall. Our Non-Fiction books have been updated with genre stickers, making it easier for our students to find the topics they are interested in. Our Young Adult (YA 6th Grade) section has been moved to its own nook. Our Graphic Novel section as been expanded and moved into our main Fiction section. 

Our Kindergarten and 1st Grade students will receive new Library Book Bags thanks to a generous grant from our PSP.

We are proud to share that our Library Collection is rated at the Exemplary Level. This means that our collection of books has an average age of 7 years or newer and 16 or more books per student. In the Spring of 2023, our CTE Library was the only school in the District to achieve this rating.

Our School Library Collection statistics:

10,512 Digital and Print copies
2017 Average Age of Collection (exceeds the base goal of 2016)
49% of our Collection is Fiction titles (Literary texts)
51% of our Collection is Nonfiction (Informational texts)
53% of our Collections has a published date of 2018 and newer
3,543 titles support an environment that values and promotes equity and inclusion.
4,302 SEL titles support the skills to be emotionally intelligent, establish relationships and make responsible decisions.

* based on TitleWave Analysis of 7.7.2023