The Stallion Scoop: 10May18

The Stallion Scoop: 10May18
Posted on 05/10/2018
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bike to school
EPIC turnout for CTE's first ever Bike to School Day!

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dcsd funding mtg
The Parker Region will be presenting an informational meeting around the funding challenges our District is facing. Please see the attached flyer for more details. I hope that all of you can make it as the information is vital to our District moving into next year. 

STALLION SPOTLIGHTget to know more about our amazing classrooms!
willa at sms 1st grader, Willa, goes to Sierra MS to interview Principal Meredith, and asks about the "things that need to be fixed up here".

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PSP Grants: Thank you to everyone who has participated in our fundraisers this year - the Fun Run, Butter Braids, Box Tops, King Soopers Cards, and Restaurant Nights! Your support has fulfilled many needs at our school! See below for a full list. Reading Book Bags for Kindergarten & 1st Grades

Paint for rocks - 5th Grade

Professional Development for all of our staff

School Spelling Bee

Microphones for our portable equipment & our gym

Reflective Mirrors - 4th Grade

Denver Zoo Outreach - 1st & 2nd Grade

Denver Museum of Nature & Science Outreach - 1st Grade

6th Grade Art Projects

Field Day Popsicles

Field Trip Scholarships

Mountain Man - 4th Grade

Kindergarten Chap Family T-Shirts

Teacher Appreciation gifts throughout the year & during Teacher Appreciation Week


Douglas County Libraries is gearing up for summer and getting ready to launch our annual Summer Reading Program! Preregister beginning May 1. The Escape to Neverland Program kicks off Saturday, June 2. We are bringing back prizes for all ages.  Children 12 and under will be receiving their choice of book again, while teens and adults will be getting a book bag for completing the required hours and or titles. Also, be sure to designate CTE as your school as the school who signs up the most kids (based on % of population) will receive $250.

Lost & Found is really piling up!!! Please visit the CTE lobby and claim any lost items before they are donated to charity.



6th Grade Tuesday May 15th 6:00pm "CTE Student Music Video Presentation" (students arrive

at (540p in the gym)

It is time to sign up to volunteer for Field Day! Field Day will be Friday, May 18th for all grades. Activities will be before and after lunch (for all classes except 1/2 day kindergarten). School will not be out for middle and high school on this date so I really need PARENT and GRANDPARENT volunteers! Click HERE to sign up!


Our Third Annual Volunteer Appreciation Event will be on Wednesday, May 23rd from 8:45-9:30. If you volunteered for CTE in any way or any time, at home or school, please consider dropping by for a continental breakfast while we can say thank you! Thanks for supporting our First Annual National Bike to School Event.

We had over 200 students participate! Thanks to Anna Amoroso-Muench for getting this event started. Here's what's coming!

May 11 Hexathalon

May 15 6th Grade Presentation

May 16 Film Club

May 17 STEAM Day

May 18 Field Day

May 23 Student Council, Film Club, EPIC Assembly

May 24 Kindergarten Graduation


MAY 26 Happy Summer!


The Principal Chronicles continue ... Many of my loyal readers were asking how my race weekend turned out so I figured I would update everyone for no other reason than I have a few good stories. Last Saturday I got up super early and drove to Larkspur for the Greenland Trail race. There was a 50K, 25K, 8M, and a 4M race. I picked the 4M race because who wants to be running for 50 kilometers. (not me). The race started and about a half mile in I was in the lead of the entire race. I only note this because it's kind of a strange feeling and one I have only experienced one other time. When I race I usually finish in the top 20 overall, and do all right in my age group, but I am typically a ways behind the skinny guys who shave their legs. Since this was a trail race it was pretty hilly, and since I never lead in a race I had this overwhelming feeling that I was going to blow it at the end and some dude was going to pass me at the finish line. With that fear as my motivator, I put the hammer down the rest of the way and nearly blew myself out but still won. Got a free pair of shoes as well which is always nice. Still a fairly weird feeling though. The next morning was the Spartan Sprint in Colorado Springs (yes I know, apparently I wanted to drop 100 miles on my odometer). I got up even earlier and drove down to Ft. Carson. I run a lot of races, typically one or two a month, but I have only ever done one other Spartan Race which was not an enjoyable experience by any means. Apparently, I didn't learn my lesson the first time because as soon as I got out of my car, I remembered why I dislike the Spartan races so much. As I surveyed the parking lot around my car, my gaze landed on the following: a shirtless guy going to the bathroom (about 250 yards from the port-a-potty no less), another guy drinking a 64 ounces caffeine filled pre-workout drink, and another guy doing bicep curls in the bed of his truck (yep, first signs that this was going to be a long day). After going through about 800 check-in stations, I had 30 minutes to warm-up. I thought I might stretch by the start line and watch the "elite" racers start. The "elite" racers were screaming and yelling like Spartan warriors and it felt like we were in the movie 300 complete with 90% of the guys going shirtless (the second sign that this was going to be a long day). Once it was time for my age group to start, we all filed into the chute (yes its a chute and not just a starting line). I stayed towards the back because I was having trouble seeing around all of the testosterone (big mistake). When they started the race I had to jump over the guy doing push-ups to "warm-up" and we were off to the races. Well not really the races since about 100 yards after the start 85% of the racers started walking which meant that I had to walk because it was a single track trail with cactus lining both sides (third sign that this was going to be a long day). The first real chance I had to pass the horde of super slow walkers was the second obstacle which was the barbed wire. Basically, you need to crawl, or as I learned from my last race, log roll, under the barbed wire for what seems like forever in cactus and dust and stinky guys with no shirts on. Having been a PE teacher I can log roll like a champ so I zipped through there and was able to at least have enough room to run past the walkers. A few obstacles later were the rings. All you had to do was swing from ring to ring without falling off because if you fell you had to do 30 burpees (more on that later). I picked a section far away from most other people except there were two larger than average humans at the very end. I cruised across fairly easily until I got to the part where the two guys were. By this time they were both stuck and swinging all over the place. They looked like Miley Cyrus in the wrecking ball video. So of course as I try to pass them they slam into me, and then again, and then again, and finally I made it past them and was off to the next obstacle. (fourth sign that this was going to be a long day). At this part of the race, the type of obstacle went from athletic to gross. In a three-part obstacle, you went through two deep mud pits and finished going under gross muddy water. Yes, I said under water. So I enter this obstacle with a hard-charging mouth breather who basically grunts his way through the first two mud pits and as we both jump into the water, he is slightly ahead of me and farmer blows his nose right into my landing spot (super, and yes another sign). Right after the gross mud pit which made you soaking wet, muddy, and generally miserable was going across another set of monkey bars. Of course being the not overly intelligent person that I am I jumped right onto the first rung and promptly fell off. Yep, that would be 30 burpees (Super. Bonus- I got to do burpees in cactus and yes that would be another sign). From there we ran up and down hills, carried things, jumped over things and climbed stuff, basically becoming dirty, tired and sore. By this time, my body was starting to question what on Earth we are we doing out here when I arrived at the spear throw. In the last Spartan race I did before, I threw the spear and missed the stupid hay bail and had to do burpees so I vowed I wouldn't miss this time. Not that I had some insight as to how to magically throw the spear better but more like I didn't want to do any more burpees. I grabbed my spear and as I threw it, I realized that the rope on the back of the spear was basically wrapped around my body (awesome). Once said rope became tight, not only did the spear stop in midair and drop straight to the ground, but I got these fancy rope burns all over my body (including my neck). Guess what- yep more burpees in cactus. It was at this exact moment that I vowed that I would never do another Spartan race. Yes, I still finished but was annoyed the whole rest of the race, and got in my car and drove home as fast as I could. In addition, I cannot confirm or deny stopping to eat an entire waffle cone sundae from Cold Stone on my way (which in turn ended my day because it made me sick but was worth it because I was done after that race). That is it for this week's edition - stay tuned next week when the Principal Chronicles continue ...


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