The Stallion Scoop: 25Aug16

The Stallion Scoop: 25Aug16
Posted on 08/25/2016
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The Principal Chronicles continue ... You can feel the weather start to change as fall comes to Colorado. I love this time of year; cool evenings and then warm in the day. Here at school, we start to really get the kids up and running. I've been spending a lot of time in meetings and trying to get our morning announcements off the ground. This year we are starting to do live, video announcements. With our new digital studio, we thought it would a good place to start. So far it has been pretty interesting, as I have told the kids, we keep prototyping and improving. The only constant is the annoying host of the announcements, yours truly. It is fairly strange sitting in a quiet room by yourself not having any idea whether anyone can even hear you. I'm not sure how real actors or news anchors do it. Basically, I just sit there and entertain myself.

On a personal note, for some silly reason, I let a friend talk me into doing a Spartan Race. My friend is a professional Spartan Racer (who knew there was such a thing) and was talking up how fun and challenging it was, so without really doing any research into it I signed up. Once I was done paying my arm and leg, I started to look into what this race entailed. I have run lots of races but only running. So as I was looking at the website, I found out #1 it's in Breckenridge (yep, high altitude running=not enjoyable), #2 the race is around 13 miles on a mountain (nothing like a half marathon distance at altitude without lots of high mileage training), and #3 there are like a million obstacles ranging from climbing all over things to submerging yourself in icy cold water (super). So after I got done crying over my stupidity, I started training which basically consisted of lots of running and lots of Crossfit and even more cussing at myself for signing up for this stupid race. The race is this Saturday, and it should be interesting. My goal is to not die and that is about it. I'm sure next week I'll have some good stories, assuming, of course, I have full functionality of my limbs.

That is it for this week, see you next time (maybe) when the Principal Chronicles continues...


King Soopers Cards: Want an easy way to support CTE PSP throughout the year? If you shop at King Soopers and/or buy gas at Loaf & Jug, get a King Soopers reloadable card! Every time you reload the card 5% comes back to CTE PSP. That's it! To get a card fill out the form and send it in along with payment. We will get a card to you ASAP that will be loaded with $5. Reload it at the customer service desk or the checkout counter. Thank you for supporting our school!

Volunteer Opportunities: We are in need of some helping hands to assist us in starting the year off with a bang! We would like someone to help with Restaurant Nights (a monthly event at a local restaurant that will donate a portion of the proceeds back to CTE) and can use a couple people to organize our Outdoor Movie Night in September. We appreciate everyone doing what they can to make our community the best it can be! If you are able to assist us with either of these needs, please contact us at

Spirit Wear: Reminder if you order your Spirit Wear by Friday, Aug. 26th, you will receive your order Sept. 9th. All orders will be done online this year! Show your CTE Stallion pride!

Choir is open to all 4th, 5th and 6th grade students. It's a great way to do some singing, learn more about working with a musical group, make new friends, and have FUN!
Rehearsals will start on the last Thursday of September, and continue on Thursdays through December 8th. Rehearsal will be 7:45-8:30am. Our calendar and more info regarding signing up will be coming home with all 4th, 5th and 6th grade students soon, so keep an eye out!
Students will be performing a Holiday Concert here at CTE in December in the evening, and will also perform an outdoor concert the same week in downtown Parker or possibly at Zoo Lights in Denver (weather permitting).
I hope to see another big group this semester!
Bobby Anderson - CTE Music Specialist

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