The Stallion Scoop: 10Oct19

The Stallion Scoop: 10Oct19
Posted on 10/10/2019
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PSP NEWS Trunk-or-Treat: Mark your calendars for the Third Annual Trunk-or-Treat at CTE, Tuesday, Oct. 29th from 5:00pm - 7:00pm. Have your kids dress up in their Halloween costumes and go 'Trunk or Treating' in the parking lot at CTE! We will also have games in the gym and a taco truck in the parking lot. We are looking for parents, organizations, sponsors, and volunteers to participate by decorating your trunk and handing out candy. Please contact Christina Clements (720-339-3813) if you are interested in hosting a trunk! Fun Run: Thank you so much to everyone who supported our annual Fun Run! We raised $24,411! That's amazing! All students will get to enjoy an Inflatable Party at Prize Day, Tuesday, Oct. 22nd. Individual prizes earned will be sent home with students and the rest of the prizes will be enjoyed at school, including those who earned the Splash the Principal prize! Here is a list of all the classroom winners: Best Spirit - Mrs. Scofield (Hamster Ball party) Top Dollar - Mrs. Scofield (Hamster Ball party) Top Participation - Mrs. Ward (Limo Cruise) Most Laps - Mrs. Reynolds & Mrs. Duncan (Extra Recess) $45 Avg. Per Student - Mrs. Hegre, Ms. Zavadil, Mrs. Petty, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Bruce, Ms. Kelley, Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. Scofield, Mrs. Dunker, Ms. Levine, Mrs. Tyler, & Mrs. Duncan (Sandy Candy party) $55 Avg. Per Student - Ms. Zavadil, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. Scofield, Mrs. Dunker, Ms. Levine (Wrecking Ball party) Mici Italian: Thank you to Mici's in Parker for providing dinner for our staff during parent teacher conferences! We would also like to let everyone know Mici is hosting our next restaurant day, Tuesday, Oct. 22nd from 11:00am - 8:30pm. When you place an order please mention you are supporting CTE! You can do take-out, dine-in, or delivery. If you place the order online make sure you mention in the notes that you are supporting CTE. Thank you!
Our 4th grade students have been busy learning about Mindfulness from the MindUp curriculum.  Mrs. Dunker and myself are presenting weekly lessons that teach self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making.  We have been learning about the different parts of the limbic system in the brain and how they work together to manage our emotions. Throughout the school year, I will be introducing Mindfulness concepts in the other grade levels as well. If you are interested in reading a fantastic book about how a child’s brain develops and responds to emotions, I highly recommend reading The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind” by Daniel Siegel. If you are interested in additional Mindfulness resources, check these out! * cosmickids * * * leftbrainbuddha * greatergood   * gonoodle


Looking for a fun family activity that strengthens focus and impulse control? Check this out!


Chaparral’s annual Sweet Street is coming up on October 25th and we are so excited to see you all there! It will begin at 5:30 p.m. for kids with mobility and sensory complications, and will open up to everyone else from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. Our theme this year is the Chaparral Zoo, so come and trick or treat through our exhibits to get candy and play games! There will be donation opportunities at the entrance, where we collect cans for the Parker Task Force and monetary donations for the Chap Fam Fund, so we are requesting that attendees donate if possible! (flyer)


Lost and Found Lost and Found will be out in the front lobby during parent/teacher conferences. We will be donating anything left after Friday, October 11th at 4pm, to charity. Please come look through all the lost items so many might be found!

Have a wonderful fall break!

Here’s a community resource for all parents.


What's Happening at CTE (calendar)

10 OCT All day P/T Conferences
7:30 - 8:30am Orchestra Practice
8 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings (3-6th grades)
3:45 - 7pm P/T Late Night Conferences
11 OCT All day P/T Conferences
14 OCT All day NO SCHOOL - Fall Break
15 OCT All day NO SCHOOL - Fall Break
16 OCT All day NO SCHOOL - Fall Break
17 OCT All day NO SCHOOL - Fall Break
18 OCT All day NO SCHOOL - Fall Break
22 OCT All day Fun Run Prize day
7:30 - 8:30am Orchestra Practice
8 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings (3-6th grades)
23 OCT 7:45 - 8:30am StuCo Meeting
24 OCT 7:30 - 8:30am Orchestra Practice
8 - 8:30am Mindful Mornings (3-6th grades)
2:15 - 2:45pm PSP Meeting
25 OCT 1 - 3:15pm 6th Grade Field Trip
6 - 8pm CHS Sweet Street

 - JOSH MILLER So this past weekend I entered a race that I typically would never do just to see what it was like. As many of my faithful readers know, I was inspired a few years ago by Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. O, and Mrs. Lerner to run a competitive race once a month for a year. Well I did that, then it morphed into two races a month which I have been doing for the last two years. I typically pick races that are either small, close to my house, or something unique. You'd be amazed at all of the really different races out there. For instance, there is a race at Chatfield where you carry a pumpkin the entire time. Haven't done that one yet but I may in the future. So this past weekend, I entered the Hot Chocolate 15K race. Normally I don't really enjoy these races; Tons of people, I have to park far away, and there are poor prizes for winning. Every year, I get emails asking me to sign up for this race because it's "a great course, great schwag, and lots of fun". Not sure why but I finally relented and signed up. Sunday morning I was up and ready to go downtown. I gave myself about 90 minutes to get there, park, warm-up and race. As I was making my way into downtown, I started to regret signing up for this race. The cars were backing up, and parking was all taken up, and I realized that this race is HUGE. I finally ended up parking and making my way over to the starting line. There were literally people everywhere. Some running, some warming up, some crushing large amounts of greasy food considering they were about to run 9 miles. As I was doing my typical warm-up routine of stretching and getting my old legs to move fast, I took some time to notice what everyone else was doing to get ready for the race. Normally I like to find a quiet place away from the starting line to get my mind in the right place, but this race was so huge I didn't think that place existed - so I stayed near the start. As I said before, I was really surprised by what some people did to prepare. There was the hard-core runner who was sprinting and jumping around all over the place like he was about to jump into the WWE wrestling ring. There was the guy that I don't think has ever run 9 miles in his life, standing exactly (literally exactly) on the starting line. How did I know he hadn't ever run 9 miles? It might have been the cut-off jean shorts he was wearing that gave me my first clue. The second may have been the full-sized headphones he was wearing (you know those Beats ones that cover your entire ear?). Needless to say, I did not see that gentleman again 42 seconds after the race started. There was the racer mom with her jogging stroller with two kids in it and all kinds of things to occupy the kids during the race. That stroller probably weighed about 200lbs. (side note: that racer mom CRUSHED IT). Finally there was the guy who probably signed up for the free hot chocolate. He was standing near the front with an egg McMuffin in one hand and a giant Mountain Dew in the other. I can't imagine what his stomach had to endure once the race began. I made sure to stay clear of him in case his breakfast wanted to make a return appearance. In the end, it was a good course and it was fun. I probably won't do it again. I keep having nightmares about that guy eating the McMuffin and chasing after me with it. What can you do? That is it for this week. Stay tuned in two weeks when the Principal Chronicles continue after Fall Break. Take care every one, and we will see you when you are taller. 




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Join Mrs. Dunker on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to learn how to be more mindful in your life.  It's a wonderful, peaceful way to start your school day. Mindful Mornings is open to students in grades 3rd - 6th.  See below for information about how to sign up and be part of this joyful journey into mindfulness. You can sign up at Mindful Mornings Sign-up